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If you are an audiologist who tests for auditory processing disorders or you are another professional who otherwise works with individuals affected by auditory processing disorders and you would like to be listed in the national referral program, please fill out the registration form below.  Although there is no fee to join the National Referral Program, you are encouraged to support the NCAPD by becoming a member of the organization.

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By submitting this form, I hereby give the NCAPD permission to list the above information in their Directory of Professionals.  I understand that the above information will be listed on the NCAPD web site and that it  may also be distributed in written form to individuals seeking referrals from the NCAPD.  I agree not to hold the NCAPD responsible for any contacts that may result as a result of being listed in the Directory of Professionals.  I also understand that I may withdraw my name from the Directory of Professionals at any time by contacting the NCAPD in writing.


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