Orlando Conference/Seeking Shared Accommodations


Are you interested in sharing accommodations with someone else at the Orlando, Florida Conference in order to keep the cost to attend the conference down to a minimum?  Several people have requested that the NCAPD keep a list of individuals wishing to share accommodations.  If you would like to share accommodations, please fill out the following form.  The NCAPD will list your name, state and email address in the table below.  It is up to each individual to make their own reservations or accommodations.  The NCAPD does not assume any responsibility for matches made through this web page or information contained on this page.

For reservation information, please see our Orlando Florida Conference Information Page.


From (City/State): 


By submitting this form, I hereby give the NCAPD permission to list my name, city/state and email in the table on the NCAPD website.



Individuals Seeking Shared Accommodations:

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