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October 21 to November 4, 2001

Heres how it works!


  1. Spend 30 minutes per day either reading to your child or having your child read to you.  (Total Reading time in the two week period is 7 hours.)
  2. Have your child find sponsors who will make a pledge for each hour spent reading together.

Example: $1/hour pledge
              X 7 hours total reading time in 2 week
                $7. Total pledge

Every child that participates will receive a certificate of participation ! 

Children will earn Kinetic Kids gift certificates based on amount of pledges turned in!

To learn more about Kinetic Kids, visit their website at

Heres how!

Total Amount Pledged*

Gift Certificate**

$1.00 to $9.99

Certificate of Participation

$10.00 to $24.99


$25.00 to $49.99


$50.00 to $74.99


$75.00 to $99.99


$100.00 to $124.99


$125.00 to $149.99


$150.00 to $174.99


$175.00 to $199.99


Additional $5 in Gift Certificates for each additional $25 in pledges turned in.

*Amount Pledged must be collected at end of Family Reading Fundraiser on November 4, 2001 and mailed to the NCAPD by November 11, 2001.

**All Gift Certificates from Kinetick Kids will be based on the amount of pledges collected and turned into the NCAPD.


Participation Guidelines

  1. Order your Family Reading Fundraising Packet and a packet for a friend or sibling!
  2. Begin collecting pledges as soon as you receive your Family Reading Fundraising packet (or even before hand). 
  3. Pick out the books you want to read together.
  4. Parent (or another adult) and child must spend 1/2 hour reading per day for a two week period of time between October 21 and November 4, 2001. The child can either read or be read to.
  5. If there is more than one child in the family, this can be a combined reading time and each child who collects pledges can participate. Example: If there are two kids in the family, and both kids collect pledges, they can have one family reading time and both children will win prizes!
  6. On November 4, begin collecting the money for your pledges. Checks should be made payable to the NCAPD.
  7. When all pledges are collected, total the pledges and send the money collected to the NCAPD. Your check or money order should be made payable to the NCAPD. Please do not send cash.  All pledges should mailed to the NCAPD by Novemeber 11, 2001.
  8. Your gift certificate and certificate of participation will be mailed to you once the pledges are received at the NCAPD.
  9. It's Prize time!!


To order your Family Reading Fundraiser Packet  please fill out the form below! You're packet will be mailed within 48 hours.

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