JayJay (ID=2) (Oct 23, 2001 9:59:31 AM)
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Lisa (ID=3) (Oct 23, 2001 10:00:10 AM)
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JayJay (ID=2) (Oct 23, 2001 10:00:28 AM)
Is Dr. Lucker on line?

Lisa (ID=3) (Oct 23, 2001 10:00:43 AM)
I really do not know. I came to check it out myself

JayJay (ID=2) (Oct 23, 2001 10:00:57 AM)
Do you have a child with CAPD?

Lisa (ID=3) (Oct 23, 2001 10:01:06 AM)
I am looking at my notes and i believe he is here on the first and third tuesday

Lisa (ID=3) (Oct 23, 2001 10:01:15 AM)
my son has capd and is in fourth grade

JayJay (ID=2) (Oct 23, 2001 10:02:20 AM)
So, I guess we're out of luck today. When did you find out he had CAPD? The reason I am asking is because my son is only three and I cannot find anyone to help diagnose him.

Lisa (ID=3) (Oct 23, 2001 10:02:54 AM)
They would not test my son until 7 yrs old. That is when I found out

JayJay (ID=2) (Oct 23, 2001 10:03:16 AM)
Did you see any signals before that?

Lisa (ID=3) (Oct 23, 2001 10:03:36 AM)
Not really my son wa s a little delayed in talking that is about it

Lisa (ID=3) (Oct 23, 2001 10:03:57 AM)
also I noticed reading to him he liked to stay with a page a little longer than normal

JayJay (ID=2) (Oct 23, 2001 10:04:20 AM)
Was his speech clear when he started to talk?

Lisa (ID=3) (Oct 23, 2001 10:05:12 AM)

JayJay (ID=2) (Oct 23, 2001 10:05:42 AM)
How is your son doing now?

Lisa (ID=3) (Oct 23, 2001 10:06:25 AM)
I need to go I am at work if you need any other info email me ast Lisaefarfone@cs.com. He is doing fine now. Or instant message me after 8pm tonight my screen name is Lisaefarfone

Lisa (ID=3) (Oct 23, 2001 10:06:34 AM)
I am at work and have to go

JayJay (ID=2) (Oct 23, 2001 10:07:31 AM)
Anyone else on line right now?

Lisa (ID=3) (Oct 23, 2001 10:07:45 AM)
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JayJay (ID=2) (Oct 23, 2001 10:08:15 AM)
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Jo Mo (ID=4) (Oct 23, 2001 1:30:43 PM)
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Jo Mo (ID=4) (Oct 23, 2001 1:32:53 PM)
I am a parent with a son that has CAPD. I think this chat room is a great idea.

Jo Mo (ID=4) (Oct 23, 2001 1:33:24 PM)
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Ann Marie (ID=5) (Oct 23, 2001 4:08:30 PM)
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Ann Marie (ID=5) (Oct 23, 2001 4:08:52 PM)
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yvonne (ID=6) (Oct 23, 2001 4:16:57 PM)
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yvonne (ID=6) (Oct 23, 2001 4:17:13 PM)
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debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 8:12:03 PM)
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Kathie (ID=8) (Oct 23, 2001 8:13:08 PM)
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debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 8:13:30 PM)
hi Kathie, how are youtonight?

Kathie (ID=8) (Oct 23, 2001 8:13:54 PM)
Hi Debbie. i am very new to thhis and I have so many questions. are you game?

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 8:14:23 PM)
I"ll answer what I can

Kathie (ID=8) (Oct 23, 2001 8:15:22 PM)
First I think I need to learn to type. My daugter is 10 and has been dia for three years. We just had a retest, and will be doing another tomorrow. I have been reading your archives, do I detect a negative note about FM receivers?

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 8:16:17 PM)
NO, not a negative note, but just a word of caution...FM's are not a "cure all"...but in the right situations, they can be helpful

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 8:16:43 PM)
My daughter has used an FM and it's been successful for her

Kathie (ID=8) (Oct 23, 2001 8:17:02 PM)
We were doing just find in the third grade, but now in the fifth I can really see problems. Our problem is unique for see is a very high achiever, thus the school feels like "whats the problem?'. But I know she has problems

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 8:18:12 PM)
oh how well i can understand that!! What are you hoping the school will do for you?

Kathie (ID=8) (Oct 23, 2001 8:18:25 PM)
I think the more complicated language is - the more noticable the capd is.

patricks_mom (ID=9) (Oct 23, 2001 8:18:27 PM)
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Kathie (ID=8) (Oct 23, 2001 8:18:57 PM)
Just really acknowledge that there is a problem. So front row seating - things of that nature.

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 8:18:58 PM)
hi patrick's mom

patricks_mom (ID=9) (Oct 23, 2001 8:19:00 PM)

patricks_mom (ID=9) (Oct 23, 2001 8:19:00 PM)
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patricks_mom (ID=9) (Oct 23, 2001 8:19:00 PM)
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patricks_mom (ID=9) (Oct 23, 2001 8:19:11 PM)

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 8:19:13 PM)
They will not even acknowledge your child has capd?

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 8:19:21 PM)
how are you tonight?

patricks_mom (ID=9) (Oct 23, 2001 8:19:30 PM)
this is the 1st time I've made it into the chat

patricks_mom (ID=9) (Oct 23, 2001 8:19:38 PM)
fins and u guys

patricks_mom (ID=9) (Oct 23, 2001 8:19:58 PM)
i have a question

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 8:20:05 PM)
I"m happy you made it in tonight

Kathie (ID=8) (Oct 23, 2001 8:20:12 PM)
Just now that are starting to beleive it. Even though I have shown them the Dr's report from the audiologist's test. Patrick's mom, it is my first time too

patricks_mom (ID=9) (Oct 23, 2001 8:20:39 PM)
how do you handle a teacher that just doesn't want bothered w/special needs children

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 8:20:45 PM)
Kathie, have you had the report admitted to his school record?

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 8:21:04 PM)
patrick's mom..when you say dont want to bother...what is happening?

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 8:21:29 PM)
may i ask where you ladies are from?

patricks_mom (ID=9) (Oct 23, 2001 8:21:38 PM)
she is a new teacher, I don't know if she just doesn't know how Patrick

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 8:22:07 PM)
Have you tried having a conference with her and just sitting and talking?

patricks_mom (ID=9) (Oct 23, 2001 8:22:11 PM)
she said she is keeping him busy w/ manipulative things instead of working 1 on 1 with him

Kathie (ID=8) (Oct 23, 2001 8:22:27 PM)
Yes I have. I am a very, very active parent with our school system. Which is an excellent school system. When I first realized she had a problem, one of the Title i teachers advised me to get it identified and in the school records for future needs. I apologize for my horrible tyoing. birmingham, al.

patricks_mom (ID=9) (Oct 23, 2001 8:22:34 PM)
yes the school is in the process of getting an auditory trainer

Kathie (ID=8) (Oct 23, 2001 8:23:04 PM)
What's an auditory trainer. Is it a person or a piece of equipment?

patricks_mom (ID=9) (Oct 23, 2001 8:23:48 PM)
a peice of equipment that will amplify the surroundings and from what I understand block out background noise

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 8:24:07 PM)
patrick's mom..an FM trainer does not block out noise..

patricks_mom (ID=9) (Oct 23, 2001 8:24:11 PM)
Patrick is very easily distacted by things I don't even hear

patricks_mom (ID=9) (Oct 23, 2001 8:24:26 PM)

patricks_mom (ID=9) (Oct 23, 2001 8:24:40 PM)
they had suggested a headset???

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 8:24:45 PM)
the way it works is it lookslike a walkman radio...the student wears the headset and the teacher wears a mic..it transmits the teacher's voice and amplifies it...

patricks_mom (ID=9) (Oct 23, 2001 8:25:22 PM)
okay, is there anything that helps to elimainate the background?

Kathie (ID=8) (Oct 23, 2001 8:26:00 PM)
A local Dr. is doing a study on hearing in children. In our K- 3rd grade classroom's he had put what they refer to as a "phonic ear". Which is speakers in all four corners with the teacher on a mic. Of course Becky was in the fourth. At the beginning of this year I as the school what the chances of getting one in Becky's room. It was a week later the Dr. had one put in her room. It helps alot. My worry is really next year - she goes into middle school with several differant teachers.

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 8:26:45 PM)
they can still hear the background noise, but it's reduced

Kathie (ID=8) (Oct 23, 2001 8:27:00 PM)
How old are your children? How long have you had them identified as having CAPD.

patricks_mom (ID=9) (Oct 23, 2001 8:27:09 PM)
okay, they also suggested to what Kathie is talking about

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 8:27:18 PM)
my daughter was dx in april of 98

patricks_mom (ID=9) (Oct 23, 2001 8:27:37 PM)
my son is 6 and was dianosed in April

Kathie (ID=8) (Oct 23, 2001 8:28:07 PM)
Did you pick up on it - or the teachers?

patricks_mom (ID=9) (Oct 23, 2001 8:28:08 PM)
theres so much to know, its overwhelming

Kathie (ID=8) (Oct 23, 2001 8:28:09 PM)
Did you pick up on it or someone else?

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 8:28:32 PM)
I knew there was something wrong, but the teacher's reinforced that

patricks_mom (ID=9) (Oct 23, 2001 8:28:58 PM)
actually my neice also has it, the older Patrick got the more it made me think, so we decided to have him tested

Kathie (ID=8) (Oct 23, 2001 8:29:20 PM)
Lastweek we had our 3rd yearly test. They say we are now done to 1% processing ability - That really scares me that we are declining. Have either of you had this happen?

patricks_mom (ID=9) (Oct 23, 2001 8:29:47 PM)
no I haven't

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 8:30:10 PM)
they say she si declining? are they givng you a reason?

Kathie (ID=8) (Oct 23, 2001 8:31:41 PM)
Tomorrow we meet with a new Dr. I have spent ervry minute trying toread every thing I can get my hands on. The first test said she had 2%. The next year they said a maturation factor had kicked in and she had 20%. We really had hoped for another increase. This year they say we have declined - no reason known.

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 8:32:16 PM)
what tests are they using?

Kathie (ID=8) (Oct 23, 2001 8:33:06 PM)
The SCAN test. Then also some basic tone test ..

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 8:34:24 PM)
Did the same dr do all the tests?

Kathie (ID=8) (Oct 23, 2001 8:34:33 PM)
I really feel very fortunate in our school system, they are great. Tomorrow morning I'm going to meet with our school's audiologist so she can help me decipher some of the test scores. Maybe I will be a little more knowledgable when I meet with the Dr.

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 8:35:14 PM)
pure tone tests check for hearing loss but not capd......were there apd tests other than the scan?

Kathie (ID=8) (Oct 23, 2001 8:35:52 PM)
No the first test was done by a Dif. Dr. Then she moved from B'ham. She referred me to this clinic. The last two test were done by the same audiologist.

Kathie (ID=8) (Oct 23, 2001 8:37:04 PM)
I do not think so. They gave me a copy of all the test results. From what I can tell the rest are test testing her basic hearing. Maybe Judy will be able to help me decipher it tomorrow. Is there another test for CAPD that you think is good?

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 8:37:36 PM)
The SCAN test is designed by Dr Keith to be a screening test....

Kathie (ID=8) (Oct 23, 2001 8:38:05 PM)
OK >>then what? is there a test that you should take after that?

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 8:38:14 PM)
Depending on what the SCAN shows there should be other tests used to support the SCAN or to confirm the results...

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 8:38:43 PM)
Did they use the SSW or the Willeford?

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 8:40:21 PM)
Are you a member of the listserv by dr j?

Kathie (ID=8) (Oct 23, 2001 8:40:26 PM)
No one has ever suggested going any further with testing. Of course I have to keep in mind - I do not think Becky fits the normal profile of a child with CAPD> She is not having problems with school or socially. So their theory is - if she doe not show problems - leave it alone. But I can see her struggles. You have lost me as for as the SSW or Willeford? Can I look at the test to tesll?

patricks_mom (ID=9) (Oct 23, 2001 8:41:28 PM)
that is the staggered Spondiac Words Test correct???????

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 8:41:46 PM)

Kathie (ID=8) (Oct 23, 2001 8:41:59 PM)
No - at least I do not think so. Over the last week I have spent hours reading your archives. No I haven't heard of that test - should I?

patricks_mom (ID=9) (Oct 23, 2001 8:42:05 PM)
isn't that how they dicifery the different parts of the words??????????

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 8:42:10 PM)
that is the test developed by Jack Katz...it's a good test

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 8:42:28 PM)
on the SSW the child is presented with pairs of compound words......

patricks_mom (ID=9) (Oct 23, 2001 8:43:27 PM)
like hot - dog //

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 8:43:39 PM)
example...right ear..up right ear..town and left ear snow at same time..then left ear ...flake...... so the words are uptown and snowflake with town and snow at same time

Kathie (ID=8) (Oct 23, 2001 8:43:40 PM)
Would this give a more accurate reading on her level than just the SCAN test?

Kathie (ID=8) (Oct 23, 2001 8:44:19 PM)
On her test she had competing words- but I don't think that is the same thing.

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 8:44:49 PM)
i believe it would..would also help pinpoint area of her problem

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 8:46:03 PM)
dr j lucker runs a listserv for parents...i'd recommend joining the listserv...you can also email him at drj@ncapd.org and he may be able to recommend further test battery......

Kathie (ID=8) (Oct 23, 2001 8:46:44 PM)
Am I making her problem too simple? We feel like her problem is when there is alot of backgroung noise - she just doen't understand the words. When the speaker is louder than the background noise she is OK?

Kathie (ID=8) (Oct 23, 2001 8:47:11 PM)
I hate to ask you-- but what is a listserve? Sorry I'm really new at this.

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 8:47:50 PM)
Im sorry Kathie.,,a list serve is an email list that Dr J runs..there are about 650 people on the list and they all have interests in apd,,either as a professional or mainly as parents...

Kathie (ID=8) (Oct 23, 2001 8:48:20 PM)
So kindof like a newletter?

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 8:48:35 PM)
there is alot of great info shared by parents and what they've been through..they offere everyday practical advise from people who understand because they've faced the same thing....

Kathie (ID=8) (Oct 23, 2001 8:48:53 PM)
Is there an archives for this?

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 8:48:55 PM)
I will let you know it can really load your email box though...

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 8:49:04 PM)
YES!! it's awesome!!!

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 8:49:15 PM)
let me get you the address to sign up

Kathie (ID=8) (Oct 23, 2001 8:49:28 PM)
OK I'm game . How do I find the archived e-mail?

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 8:49:56 PM)

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 8:50:08 PM)
you can find it from that address..

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 8:51:03 PM)
dr j, who runs the list truly understands APD and specializes in APD in his private practice.....he's on the board of directors for the NCAPD (National Coalition on Auditory Processing Disorders)

KathieAgain (ID=10) (Oct 23, 2001 8:51:17 PM)
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KathieAgain (ID=10) (Oct 23, 2001 8:51:49 PM)
It is me again. I though I had lost- but my server says I'm still on

patricks_mom (ID=9) (Oct 23, 2001 8:52:07 PM)
it's amazing, with our school district, there are so many teachers that don't understand APD

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 8:52:24 PM)
that's not that unusual patrick's mom

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 8:52:41 PM)
many audiologists dont understand APD

patricks_mom (ID=9) (Oct 23, 2001 8:52:45 PM)
i guess I'm new at all this, he's in 1st grade

patricks_mom (ID=9) (Oct 23, 2001 8:53:20 PM)
we were lucky to get him to facility that was able to teach us, thay were wonderful!!!!!!!

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 8:53:33 PM)
where did you say you were from patrick's mom?

patricks_mom (ID=9) (Oct 23, 2001 8:53:37 PM)
I'm trying to educate his teachers

KathieAgain (ID=10) (Oct 23, 2001 8:53:39 PM)
I will agree there. The Dr I'm meeting with tomorrow I think is suppose to be knowledgable in this.

patricks_mom (ID=9) (Oct 23, 2001 8:53:42 PM)
Central PA

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 8:54:25 PM)
kathie who is the dr you are seeing?

patricks_mom (ID=9) (Oct 23, 2001 8:54:39 PM)
they actually brought us back for a 3rd time just to sit down with us to make sure we understood the results

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 8:54:47 PM)
We are hoping to be up in the Philly area next year for a conference

patricks_mom (ID=9) (Oct 23, 2001 8:55:01 PM)
thats cool

KathieAgain (ID=10) (Oct 23, 2001 8:55:15 PM)
Is there anyway i can going into this meeting to access his knowledge other that just asking him? A Dr. Pappas,jr. He is the one who wrote the grant to supply all the phonic ears for our school.

KathieAgain (ID=10) (Oct 23, 2001 8:55:46 PM)
Will you ever - come down south for a conference. I think I read you were in Orlando once.

patricks_mom (ID=9) (Oct 23, 2001 8:55:47 PM)
did either of u get to look at TAP from the Florida Dept of Education

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 8:56:02 PM)
I'm very familiar with it

KathieAgain (ID=10) (Oct 23, 2001 8:56:04 PM)
What's TAP?

patricks_mom (ID=9) (Oct 23, 2001 8:56:47 PM)
I think I'm going to print it out and give a copy to Patricks teacher, it has alot of good info in it

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 8:56:48 PM)
Kathie..I'm located in florida and that's where we are based...so there will be another conference down here somewhere also

KathieAgain (ID=10) (Oct 23, 2001 8:57:01 PM)
Do ya'll know of a site where I get info on what a school provides for what disabilities?

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 8:57:15 PM)
it's an awesome document..what's funny is I'm in florida and in the middle of a fight with my school over APD....

patricks_mom (ID=9) (Oct 23, 2001 8:57:26 PM)

KathieAgain (ID=10) (Oct 23, 2001 8:57:40 PM)
and does this very from state to state - and school district to school district?

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 8:57:43 PM)
Right nowwe are looking at a conference in Jacksonville

KathieAgain (ID=10) (Oct 23, 2001 8:57:49 PM)

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 8:57:56 PM)
kathie, it varies from school to school

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 8:58:32 PM)
probably next june or sometime next summer..but the dateis not set yet..right now im in the process of scheduling and arranging the conferences

KathieAgain (ID=10) (Oct 23, 2001 8:58:56 PM)
I may be in luck there for our school is a very progressive school. i really think they just are not aware of what CAPD is.

KathieAgain (ID=10) (Oct 23, 2001 8:59:28 PM)
Everyone I have gone too - has been helpful. After I've educated them.

patricks_mom (ID=9) (Oct 23, 2001 8:59:28 PM)
well I'm sorry, I have to run, it was nice talking to you all-------------Bye

patricks_mom (ID=9) (Oct 23, 2001 8:59:39 PM)
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KathieAgain (ID=10) (Oct 23, 2001 9:00:23 PM)
I think I'm afraid to find out what the FM transmitor cost.

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 9:00:25 PM)
kathie that is great...it can be quite difficult to get help sometimes

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 9:00:39 PM)
kathie request your school provide it

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 9:02:00 PM)
the answer to your question a bit ago about what is a TAP..it's a technical assistance paper...

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 9:02:11 PM)
you can find a link to it on the NCAPD website

KathieAgain (ID=10) (Oct 23, 2001 9:02:59 PM)
When they first identified her - the school ran a ton of test. Where I though I was going to have a LD child- i was diag with a gifted child. Because her test scores or so high- they said her hearing did not interfer with her learning. But her achievement scores or 25 points below her IQ scores. at this time at did not think anything about it. Since then - dif educaators friends told me this should not be.

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 9:04:06 PM)
It should not be, but if she is not showing academic need you will have trouble getting any help....it's a two fold criteria often......what that means is you not only have to have the ld, but show need also

KathieAgain (ID=10) (Oct 23, 2001 9:05:07 PM)
I was afraid so. The counselor now - who is a really good friend- thinks I should do all my background work and take my case to the school board.

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 9:06:25 PM)
I have a meeting next week with the school lawyer, guidance counselor, audiologist, director of psychology, psychologist and educational specialist...*LOL*....it's frustrating!!!

Lisa (ID=11) (Oct 23, 2001 9:06:31 PM)
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debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 9:06:42 PM)
your friend is right!! make sure you have your ducks in a row

Lisa (ID=11) (Oct 23, 2001 9:06:47 PM)
Hi all

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 9:06:50 PM)
hey Lisa! howare you tonight

KathieAgain (ID=10) (Oct 23, 2001 9:06:57 PM)
Our school system is not hugh , which I think is good because you do not get lost in the system. Hi Lisa.

Lisa (ID=11) (Oct 23, 2001 9:07:03 PM)
okay I just survived a cubscout meeting

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 9:07:14 PM)
you've a brave mom

Lisa (ID=11) (Oct 23, 2001 9:07:26 PM)
I even have to go to an overnight camp out

KathieAgain (ID=10) (Oct 23, 2001 9:07:38 PM)
You are definitely brave.

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 9:07:41 PM)
have fun!

Lisa (ID=11) (Oct 23, 2001 9:07:54 PM)
It is the only activity my son is connecting with the otheer kids.

Lisa (ID=11) (Oct 23, 2001 9:08:02 PM)
fun are you kidding I hate camping

Lisa (ID=11) (Oct 23, 2001 9:08:35 PM)
What are we discussing tonight?

KathieAgain (ID=10) (Oct 23, 2001 9:08:52 PM)
Do you mind if i ask if your children have problems with their speech?

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 9:08:57 PM)
help in the schools..

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 9:09:05 PM)
my daughter's speech is ok

Lisa (ID=11) (Oct 23, 2001 9:09:08 PM)
Help what help?

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 9:09:19 PM)
has trouble when she was younger though

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 9:09:22 PM)
LOL lisa

KathieAgain (ID=10) (Oct 23, 2001 9:09:23 PM)
Debbie is trying to help a first timer with a million dumb questions.

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 9:10:10 PM)
Kathie,,,,,,I'm sure I still drive dr j insane with some of my questions!!! and we've been chatting for almost 2 years

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 9:10:29 PM)
Lisa...you are in philly area ..right?

Lisa (ID=11) (Oct 23, 2001 9:10:42 PM)
Yes new jersey though near atlantic city

erika (ID=12) (Oct 23, 2001 9:10:49 PM)
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Lisa (ID=11) (Oct 23, 2001 9:10:54 PM)
hi erika

erika (ID=12) (Oct 23, 2001 9:11:05 PM)

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 9:11:10 PM)
how far from cherry hill NJ?

Lisa (ID=11) (Oct 23, 2001 9:11:16 PM)
not far about one hour

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 9:11:18 PM)
hi Erika

Lisa (ID=11) (Oct 23, 2001 9:11:25 PM)
what is in cherry hill

erika (ID=12) (Oct 23, 2001 9:11:32 PM)
hello debbie

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 9:11:52 PM)
I am strongly looking at cherry hill for a conference next year,,,,,im making arrangements and schedules now

Lisa (ID=11) (Oct 23, 2001 9:12:07 PM)
Wow that would be great I would definitely be there

KathieAgain (ID=10) (Oct 23, 2001 9:12:08 PM)
I guess when we first learned of her CAPD it was almost a lark. I had picked up on just a few suttle clues- but nothing serious. But in the last two years as she has gotten older - and the school work has gotten harder I really notice things.

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 9:12:14 PM)
I knew you would be happy to hear that

Lisa (ID=11) (Oct 23, 2001 9:12:29 PM)
yes i am and I am sure other s will be too

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 9:12:48 PM)
kathie,,,,i highly recommend keeping a list of things you notice so when you see the dr you can bring these thingsup

KathieAgain (ID=10) (Oct 23, 2001 9:13:04 PM)
Debbie - how old is your daughter? Does anyone have one older than my Becky - who's 10?

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 9:13:15 PM)
I may be contacting you for help with publicizing the conference if you are interested...i know another mom who is helping also

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 9:13:23 PM)
my daughter is 10 also

Lisa (ID=11) (Oct 23, 2001 9:13:33 PM)
Debbie in the Florida paper are there listings of accomodations? I would be glad to help Debbie

Lisa (ID=11) (Oct 23, 2001 9:13:42 PM)
My son is 9 and in fourth

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 9:14:05 PM)
yes there are lisa..and the accomodations are broken down into categories depending on type of deficit

Lisa (ID=11) (Oct 23, 2001 9:14:22 PM)
Debbie when you need help just email me at Lisaefarfone@cs.com

KathieAgain (ID=10) (Oct 23, 2001 9:14:22 PM)
When did she first get the FM receiver? What age? Did you notice a differance?

erika (ID=12) (Oct 23, 2001 9:14:38 PM)
Does anyones child have who has sever spelling/writing issues?

KathieAgain (ID=10) (Oct 23, 2001 9:14:57 PM)
Lisa does your son/daugter use any aids?

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 9:14:59 PM)
I will be sure to let you know lisa

Lisa (ID=11) (Oct 23, 2001 9:15:10 PM)
Has anyone run into problem when the kids have to read silently in class . My son just cannot compreh this way? My son has a fm system.

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 9:15:38 PM)
my daugher got her FM trainer 2 years ago...we've noticed a difference, but we are now thinking of discontinuing the use of it...she's progressed due to different reasons

Lisa (ID=11) (Oct 23, 2001 9:15:59 PM)
What reasons Debbie, other mods or what?

KathieAgain (ID=10) (Oct 23, 2001 9:16:03 PM)
No I haven't run into that problem - at least not that I'm aware. But it seems like every day I find out sometning new.

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 9:16:16 PM)
reading is very difficult for sarah...she can read the words, but by end of sentence she has trouble putting it all together

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 9:16:39 PM)
we also went through FFW at the same time and I preteach Sarah's material t o her...

Lisa (ID=11) (Oct 23, 2001 9:16:44 PM)
me too KathieAgain! My son's biggest deficit is his coompreh

KathieAgain (ID=10) (Oct 23, 2001 9:16:52 PM)
How did she learn to read -- whole language are phonics?

Lisa (ID=11) (Oct 23, 2001 9:16:53 PM)
What do you mean pre teach?

KathieAgain (ID=10) (Oct 23, 2001 9:17:16 PM)
I just read about Fast Forward tonight. Did you like it/

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 9:17:30 PM)
FFW is tough ..but it was worthwhile

Lisa (ID=11) (Oct 23, 2001 9:17:42 PM)
I did not like ffw myself but everyone has diff opinions.

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 9:18:06 PM)
i get all her assignments on friday for the next week..then over the weekend i introduce the material to her so when she hears it in class she has a familiarity with it

erika (ID=12) (Oct 23, 2001 9:18:13 PM)
how does fast forword work?

KathieAgain (ID=10) (Oct 23, 2001 9:18:37 PM)
Did you purchase forword yourself or did you access through your school?

Lisa (ID=11) (Oct 23, 2001 9:19:05 PM)
My school ran the program part one and two

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 9:19:12 PM)
ffw is a computer generated programs that uses computer altered speech...the idea behind FFW is that it is suppose to strengthen the connections in the auditory pathway

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 9:19:33 PM)
i went through it privately and did the progam at home with saraha, but had it monitored by an slp\

KathieAgain (ID=10) (Oct 23, 2001 9:19:40 PM)
Did they recommend it to you? Or did you request it?

Lisa (ID=11) (Oct 23, 2001 9:19:51 PM)
Debbie do you know why does it work better with some than others when all the kids are capd?

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 9:20:14 PM)
i sought out the program because i was given very few recommendations when my daughter was dx

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 9:20:51 PM)
lisa it depends on what "form" of capd the child has...sarah has integration issues...ffw is not for all kids

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 9:21:29 PM)
unfortunatley i am going to have to go soon..this is the last week i have to work at 4:30 on Wednesday morning....

KathieAgain (ID=10) (Oct 23, 2001 9:21:37 PM)
I am reading a book called "Central Auditory Processing Disorders- Mostly Management" are you familiar with it?

Lisa (ID=11) (Oct 23, 2001 9:21:56 PM)
I think I need to read the Florida paper from page 1 to the end because I still am confused about capd and i have been dealing with this for a year

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 9:22:21 PM)
si that the book by gay masters?

KathieAgain (ID=10) (Oct 23, 2001 9:22:41 PM)
That's correct. Lisa what Florida paper?

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 9:22:41 PM)
if i remember right, that's a fairly technical book...

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 9:23:03 PM)
the Florida task force paper can be reached through the NCAPD website

KathieAgain (ID=10) (Oct 23, 2001 9:23:19 PM)
Not any worst than "Intro to Audiology" Don't laugh, I was determined to learn more about this.

Lisa (ID=11) (Oct 23, 2001 9:23:20 PM)

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 9:24:04 PM)
the NCAPD is still working on the handbook for parents also......there are sections by different audiologists and it's designed to be "parent" friendly

Lisa (ID=11) (Oct 23, 2001 9:24:37 PM)
Debbie I am going to try to print it how many pages is it?

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 9:24:50 PM)
oh mygosh..i think around 70 pages

Lisa (ID=11) (Oct 23, 2001 9:24:57 PM)

KathieAgain (ID=10) (Oct 23, 2001 9:25:04 PM)
Where is it-- i know it's on the web site. I'm learning.

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 9:25:10 PM)
it's mammouth but i know it's great

KathieAgain (ID=10) (Oct 23, 2001 9:25:23 PM)
How do we get it if it's 70 pages?

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 9:25:31 PM)
when you go the mail page....click on the button on the left for APD links....

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 9:25:44 PM)
you have to print it out on your computer....

Lisa (ID=11) (Oct 23, 2001 9:26:03 PM)
Thanks I'll see everyone next week. I am going to try and print it now. Bye

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 9:26:03 PM)
I believe you have to have adobe acrobat

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 9:26:09 PM)
bye lisa

Lisa (ID=11) (Oct 23, 2001 9:26:11 PM)
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debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 9:26:11 PM)
take care

erika (ID=12) (Oct 23, 2001 9:26:40 PM)
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jb (ID=13) (Oct 23, 2001 9:26:43 PM)
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KathieAgain (ID=10) (Oct 23, 2001 9:26:56 PM)
Could I start it printing and then come back into the chat room?

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 9:27:05 PM)
probably..but im not sure

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 9:27:09 PM)
hi jb..

jb (ID=13) (Oct 23, 2001 9:27:26 PM)
hello to all

KathieAgain (ID=10) (Oct 23, 2001 9:27:38 PM)
I think I will try real quick. Hi jb

KathieAgain (ID=10) (Oct 23, 2001 9:27:41 PM)
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jb (ID=13) (Oct 23, 2001 9:27:51 PM)
havn't been here for a little while

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 9:27:59 PM)
how have you been?

jb (ID=13) (Oct 23, 2001 9:28:38 PM)
OK- I have a meeting with the Child Study Team tomorrow about my daughter.

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 9:29:15 PM)
what are you discussing

jb (ID=13) (Oct 23, 2001 9:29:30 PM)
They declassified her in June-said she was not elibible for special ed. She is 2mos into kindergarten and having trouble.

kathieagain (ID=14) (Oct 23, 2001 9:29:48 PM)
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debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 9:30:12 PM)
are they talking about qualifying her again?

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 9:30:32 PM)
welcome back

jb (ID=13) (Oct 23, 2001 9:30:44 PM)
Do you know if they can just classify her again based on her performance in the classroom. I will not leave that office until they say they will classify her.

kathieagain (ID=14) (Oct 23, 2001 9:30:46 PM)
debbie I did not see anything referring to APD links. I am printing up something on Simulation of APD. is that it?

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 9:31:34 PM)
no..that is not it..let me tell you exactly where to look..jsut a sec

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 9:32:04 PM)
i think they have to have the testing to support it, but i can't swear to that since you had a previous classification

jb (ID=13) (Oct 23, 2001 9:33:08 PM)
They promise me in June that if she had any trouble, they would giveher help right away. WE WILL SEE. I am going to have her evaluated privately anyway, since the school has no clue.

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 9:33:10 PM)
kathie..scroll down to 13th box on left

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 9:33:47 PM)
who called the meeing jb..you or them?

jb (ID=13) (Oct 23, 2001 9:34:59 PM)
When they declassified her last June, I was so very upset. Theysaid "we will meet in Oct to see how she is doing."

debbie (ID=7) (Oct 23, 2001 9:35:50 PM)
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jb (ID=13) (Oct 23, 2001 9:36:05 PM)
She is 5 1/2- still can't tell you her age, only recognizes the numbers 1-2-3 out of sequence, cannot recall most letters.

kathieagain (ID=14) (Oct 23, 2001 9:37:09 PM)
I hate to admit this I did not know there was anything down there- this is awsome! Exactly which one where you refering too. I have spent days in libraries looking for this. You guys are the greatest.

kathieagain (ID=14) (Oct 23, 2001 9:38:30 PM)
jb - I think we lost Debbie. I am a first timer on this site - so my knowledge is close to nill.

debbie (ID=15) (Oct 23, 2001 9:39:02 PM)
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deb (ID=16) (Oct 23, 2001 9:39:04 PM)
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debbie (ID=15) (Oct 23, 2001 9:39:18 PM)
sorry about that ..my computer crashed

debbie (ID=15) (Oct 23, 2001 9:39:31 PM)
hey deb!! how ya doing girlfriend?

kathieagain (ID=14) (Oct 23, 2001 9:39:37 PM)
We thought we had lost you for good.

deb (ID=16) (Oct 23, 2001 9:39:39 PM)
Hi all...how is everyone tonight? Just got back from a PTA Board meeting...

debbie (ID=15) (Oct 23, 2001 9:40:11 PM)
deb i have a meeting next week with folks downtown again.........

debbie (ID=15) (Oct 23, 2001 9:40:27 PM)
i had to reboot my whole computer...

deb (ID=16) (Oct 23, 2001 9:40:27 PM)
Getting ready to start our reading tomorrow night!

debbie (ID=15) (Oct 23, 2001 9:40:43 PM)

deb (ID=16) (Oct 23, 2001 9:40:50 PM)
Debbie...about the office?

debbie (ID=15) (Oct 23, 2001 9:41:17 PM)
going over Sarah's test results................it's taking 6 or 7 of them to give me the results *L*

jb (ID=13) (Oct 23, 2001 9:41:20 PM)
kathieagain- how old is your child with APD?

kathieagain (ID=14) (Oct 23, 2001 9:41:52 PM)
she is 10 - dx 3 yrs ago.

deb (ID=16) (Oct 23, 2001 9:42:28 PM)
Debbie....*LOL*...there's GOT to be a lightbulb joke about "How many educators does it take to read and interpret test results?" *L*

jb (ID=13) (Oct 23, 2001 9:42:55 PM)
my daughter is 5 1/2- officially not diagnosed. she will have the audiological testing in May.

debbie (ID=15) (Oct 23, 2001 9:43:00 PM)
one psychologist to give the test and 7 administrators to present the results *LOL*

deb (ID=16) (Oct 23, 2001 9:43:01 PM)
Let me know how it goes...I'll be anxious to hear!

deb (ID=16) (Oct 23, 2001 9:43:25 PM)
A really loud *LOL* right now Debbie!!

kathieagain (ID=14) (Oct 23, 2001 9:43:42 PM)
jb- what makes you think she has CAPD- did i miss part of your discussion/

debbie (ID=15) (Oct 23, 2001 9:43:55 PM)
they want an opportunity to meet to settle our case..im willing to meet to discuss my daughter's future educational possiblities

debbie (ID=15) (Oct 23, 2001 9:44:06 PM)
i mean opportunities

jb (ID=13) (Oct 23, 2001 9:44:57 PM)
she did poorly on TAPS and SCAN tests. I first noticed dificulty at 4-she spoke well-but couldn't tell her age.

deb (ID=16) (Oct 23, 2001 9:45:01 PM)
It will be VERY interesting to hear what those &*(%$#@!^* have to say tomorrow....HOPEFULLY, they will be thinking of SARAH!!

kathieagain (ID=14) (Oct 23, 2001 9:45:45 PM)
If she did poorly on TAPS and SCAN test what more of a diagnosis do you nedd/

debbie (ID=15) (Oct 23, 2001 9:46:31 PM)
i've not set the exact date yet

jb (ID=13) (Oct 23, 2001 9:47:03 PM)
i believe there is more to this. she is very intelligent-poor auditory memory, word retrieval problems. They say the SCAN test is a sreening, she needs the audiological testing. it is believed that she has APD.

debbie (ID=15) (Oct 23, 2001 9:47:55 PM)
I am going to have to head out real quick..this is the last week i have to be up so early on wednesday!

jb (ID=13) (Oct 23, 2001 9:47:59 PM)
i have been told that she has to be 6 for the audiological testing.

kathieagain (ID=14) (Oct 23, 2001 9:48:56 PM)
I think I'm getting confused because they dx my daughter when she really had only some basic hearing test and then they gave her the SCAN. Do you think they did it prematureally?

debbie (ID=15) (Oct 23, 2001 9:50:14 PM)
kathie i do think they need to do additinal testing to confirm

jb (ID=13) (Oct 23, 2001 9:51:09 PM)
I don't knkow the exact criteria, but I am told she needs the audiological test specific to APD along with tests like the SCAN. Correct Debbie?

debbie (ID=15) (Oct 23, 2001 9:51:41 PM)
yes jb.....a basic auditory hearing test will not show apd..there are specific tests for apd

kathieagain (ID=14) (Oct 23, 2001 9:51:41 PM)
maybe the DR. we are meeting with tomorrow will sugest that. But actually he is the third Dr. and the other two seemed happy with the test results from the other test. What is the test name for this test?

kathieagain (ID=14) (Oct 23, 2001 9:52:18 PM)
Is not the SCAN test to show CAPD?

jb (ID=13) (Oct 23, 2001 9:52:43 PM)
it is a group of tests. It is truly a screening test for APD

debbie (ID=15) (Oct 23, 2001 9:53:07 PM)
the SCAN is a screening tool that issuppose to be used to refer kids for further testing..not designed to be a comprehensive diagnostic all by itself

kathieagain (ID=14) (Oct 23, 2001 9:53:11 PM)
What is the dif in a screening test and a reagular test- bear with me on the dumb questions.

jb (ID=13) (Oct 23, 2001 9:53:16 PM)
the SCAN is a screening tool

jb (ID=13) (Oct 23, 2001 9:53:50 PM)
the audiological tests are more in depth than the basic hearing test.

kathieagain (ID=14) (Oct 23, 2001 9:53:50 PM)
OK- so what is the test are test name that are for the diagnosis.

debbie (ID=15) (Oct 23, 2001 9:54:54 PM)
the SSW and the Willeford....dichotic digits..pitch pattern.....etc..there are different tests that can be used..if your aud have questions, have them contact dr j or even myself and I can get their message to dr j

jb (ID=13) (Oct 23, 2001 9:54:55 PM)
I am erally learning now too. The audiological tests check dichotic listening-

kathieagain (ID=14) (Oct 23, 2001 9:55:21 PM)
Maybe i have simplified it down too much. She took several hearing test- I'm not sure if you would call them basic hearing test or auditory test. I have so much to learn!!!

debbie (ID=15) (Oct 23, 2001 9:56:25 PM)
most kids with apd will pass the hearing tests.most defintions of apd are include "in presence of normal hearing"

jb (ID=13) (Oct 23, 2001 9:56:37 PM)
me too!

debbie (ID=15) (Oct 23, 2001 9:56:58 PM)
i keep telling dr j, the more i learn the more questions i have and the more confused i am!

kathieagain (ID=14) (Oct 23, 2001 9:57:26 PM)
Becky - passed the hearing test with no problem at all. What is dichotic ?

debbie (ID=15) (Oct 23, 2001 9:57:29 PM)
i've got to get out of here for tonight....have to be up at 3:30...I"ll see you all next week

kathieagain (ID=14) (Oct 23, 2001 9:57:41 PM)
Bye- nice talking to you.

jb (ID=13) (Oct 23, 2001 9:57:45 PM)
It is not easy to understand. I have read and reread my books on APD and still scratch my head.

jb (ID=13) (Oct 23, 2001 9:57:56 PM)
goodnight debbie

debbie (ID=15) (Oct 23, 2001 9:58:03 PM)

jb (ID=13) (Oct 23, 2001 9:58:55 PM)
dichotic is when they present words or sentences in both ears at the same time-and see what is processed.

jb (ID=13) (Oct 23, 2001 9:59:01 PM)
i think

debbie (ID=15) (Oct 23, 2001 9:59:30 PM)
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kathieagain (ID=14) (Oct 23, 2001 9:59:56 PM)
OK- my daughter just walked through and said they did that.

deb (ID=16) (Oct 23, 2001 10:00:47 PM)
jb....yes, I am 99% that you are correct.

jb (ID=13) (Oct 23, 2001 10:01:12 PM)
Do you have a copy of hte tests? You can check there to see what was done.

deb (ID=16) (Oct 23, 2001 10:02:40 PM)
Well jb and Kathie...I think I'm going to head out as well. Have to go fold the laundry and make school lunches. Hope to see you next week.

kathieagain (ID=14) (Oct 23, 2001 10:02:56 PM)
Yes I do. I just looked at them and there are places where two words were said at once. She did not do very good on that section. But this is part of that SCAN test she took. Bye Deb

jb (ID=13) (Oct 23, 2001 10:03:12 PM)
well, i am battling a sinus infection and i want to be in tip top shape tomorrow for my battle with the Child Study Team, so i am going to go to bed-hopefully get some sleep

deb (ID=16) (Oct 23, 2001 10:03:21 PM)
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jb (ID=13) (Oct 23, 2001 10:03:45 PM)
yeah-my daughter had that with the scan-but the audiological tests back it up

kathieagain (ID=14) (Oct 23, 2001 10:04:25 PM)
Good night everyone- tomorrow I meet with a new Dr. Wish us luck.

jb (ID=13) (Oct 23, 2001 10:04:53 PM)
good luck

kathieagain (ID=14) (Oct 23, 2001 10:04:57 PM)
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jb (ID=13) (Oct 23, 2001 10:05:01 PM)

jb (ID=13) (Oct 23, 2001 10:05:04 PM)
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Kathie (ID=8) (Oct 23, 2001 10:08:13 PM)
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Kathie (ID=17) (Oct 23, 2001 11:27:13 PM)
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Kathie (ID=17) (Oct 23, 2001 11:28:04 PM)
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Kathie (ID=18) (Oct 23, 2001 11:28:08 PM)
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Kathie (ID=18) (Oct 23, 2001 11:28:17 PM)
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