faith (ID=4) (Oct 2, 2001 12:01:19 AM)
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faith (ID=4) (Oct 2, 2001 12:03:36 AM)
I am sitting here at the computer at 12a.m knowing that I have to get up tomorrow morninga t 7a.m My daughter is currently undergoing test's for CAPD. I am so sad and worried for her! I just want her to have a good life.

faith (ID=4) (Oct 2, 2001 12:05:56 AM)
I wish there was someone to talk to now, well I guess it time for me to go to bed

faith (ID=4) (Oct 2, 2001 12:06:05 AM)
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faith (ID=5) (Oct 2, 2001 12:06:13 AM)
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faith (ID=5) (Oct 2, 2001 12:06:39 AM)
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Anna (ID=6) (Oct 2, 2001 2:42:34 AM)
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Anna (ID=6) (Oct 2, 2001 2:43:17 AM)
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Lisa (ID=7) (Oct 2, 2001 8:50:07 AM)
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Anna (ID=8) (Oct 2, 2001 8:51:02 AM)
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dr.j (ID=9) (Oct 2, 2001 8:51:16 AM)
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dr.j (ID=9) (Oct 2, 2001 8:51:50 AM)
Good morning Anna and Lisa. SOrry I'm a little late. How are you both this am?

Anna (ID=8) (Oct 2, 2001 8:53:10 AM)
Good morning! Well. And you?

Lisa (ID=7) (Oct 2, 2001 8:53:10 AM)
I am great

Lisa (ID=7) (Oct 2, 2001 8:53:43 AM)
Dr J can you elaborate on the post on capd maelstrom about handwriting

dr.j (ID=9) (Oct 2, 2001 8:53:46 AM)
FIne thank you. JUst warming up on this cool, nice autumn morning.

dr.j (ID=9) (Oct 2, 2001 8:54:22 AM)
Lisa, on what is it you are specifically asking for me to elaborate ?

dac (ID=10) (Oct 2, 2001 8:54:26 AM)
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Lisa (ID=7) (Oct 2, 2001 8:54:39 AM)
Should hand writing be thrown out and use typing

dr.j (ID=9) (Oct 2, 2001 8:54:40 AM)
good morning dac

Lisa (ID=7) (Oct 2, 2001 8:54:55 AM)
MY sons handwriting is terrible

dr.j (ID=9) (Oct 2, 2001 8:55:20 AM)
Lisa, my first question would be, what is the goal? Is it written composition or is the goal grapho-motor skills?

dac (ID=10) (Oct 2, 2001 8:55:41 AM)
Good Morning

Lisa (ID=7) (Oct 2, 2001 8:55:56 AM)
When he is doing writing assignment for any homework they want him to type. He gets too frustrated and takes him too long to do handwriting

Lisa (ID=7) (Oct 2, 2001 8:56:05 AM)
He is also left handed

dr.j (ID=9) (Oct 2, 2001 8:57:08 AM)
Lisa, very, very often when I do an assessment and the child has some APD problems that are related to organization and areas that (as a professional) I know are related to the areas of the brain involving motor skills, this is my recommendation......

dr.j (ID=9) (Oct 2, 2001 8:57:36 AM)
And, I preface by saying I make this case strongly as a professional and personnally ....

Anna (ID=8) (Oct 2, 2001 8:57:56 AM)
I'm very new here. Would you mind if I just "listened" for a while?

Lisa (ID=7) (Oct 2, 2001 8:58:56 AM)
I have no problem with typing but I do not want him to stop practicing and in not so many words that is what they are impling that in this day in age there is no reason not to use a computer(alpha smart)

dr.j (ID=9) (Oct 2, 2001 8:59:16 AM)
If the goal is to evaluate a child's or adolescent's abilities to write something (an essay, composition, provide answers to questions, etc.) then the goal is to see how well the child can get down in print his/her thoughts. In this case, the use of keyboarding is not only appropriate but for so many kids with grapho-motor problems or writing organization problems, the use of a computer is mandatory.......but,

Lisa (ID=7) (Oct 2, 2001 8:59:39 AM)
i get it kno

Lisa (ID=7) (Oct 2, 2001 8:59:46 AM)
I mean I understand

dr.j (ID=9) (Oct 2, 2001 9:00:08 AM)
If the goal is the physical act of writing (grapho-motor) then use the old writing tablets or whatever they call them and focus on the physical act of writing and NOT anything to do with putting thoughts down on paper.

dac (ID=10) (Oct 2, 2001 9:01:20 AM)
I am coming in mid-stream here... Is OT involved? If not I would encourage you to involve a good OT (of course who goes looking for a bad OT) :)

dr.j (ID=9) (Oct 2, 2001 9:01:21 AM)
Lisa, what I think SO many educators miss, and this comes from a professional who (a) has severe grapho-motor (among other motor) problems, who (b) is a published writer, editor and has been a writer for many years.......

dr.j (ID=9) (Oct 2, 2001 9:02:28 AM)
I have found the use of a computer to be really a Godsend. WIthout a computer, I would NOT be able to get half of the things I write completed, and I'd say I must write daily for reports, consultations, articles, manuscripts, email, etc. etc.

Lisa (ID=7) (Oct 2, 2001 9:03:07 AM)
Thanks that really is a complete answer to my question as always Dr J I will let someone else ask a questions now.

dr.j (ID=9) (Oct 2, 2001 9:03:09 AM)
DAC is correct. A GOOD OT is very helpful for developing and improving grapho-motor skills among other things. But, here's the bottom line

dolfrog (ID=11) (Oct 2, 2001 9:03:20 AM)
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dolfrog (ID=11) (Oct 2, 2001 9:03:33 AM)
hi all

deb (ID=12) (Oct 2, 2001 9:03:38 AM)
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deb (ID=12) (Oct 2, 2001 9:04:09 AM)
Good morning everyone!

dolfrog (ID=11) (Oct 2, 2001 9:05:06 AM)
has my sceen frozen

dr.j (ID=9) (Oct 2, 2001 9:05:16 AM)
WHat educators need to remember is that professional writers do NOT hand in their first or even second drafts of manuscripts. THus, one goal could be that after a printed paper is accepted for it's content, thoughts, organization, etc. etc.......a WRITTEN draft of the paper could be assigned for handwriting practice. NOT every single written assignment, but a selected number. Then, the child has practice in the grapho-motor aspects of writing and the child can see that he/she can get his/her thoughts on paper (computer printed) and then convert them to a written form.

dr.j (ID=9) (Oct 2, 2001 9:05:30 AM)
GOod Afternoon dolfrog ..... ribbit, ribbit to you.

dr.j (ID=9) (Oct 2, 2001 9:05:47 AM)
.oO(It's afternoon, I believe, in the UK, right?)

dr.j (ID=9) (Oct 2, 2001 9:05:59 AM)
good morning deb

dolfrog (ID=11) (Oct 2, 2001 9:06:08 AM)
tibbir tibbit to you dr.j

deb (ID=12) (Oct 2, 2001 9:06:11 AM)
Hey Dr. are you? I REALLY, am going to get theose photo pages from the confrence done and send them to you!!

Lisa (ID=7) (Oct 2, 2001 9:06:17 AM)
Great idea Dr J thanks

dolfrog (ID=11) (Oct 2, 2001 9:06:22 AM)

dr.j (ID=9) (Oct 2, 2001 9:06:30 AM)
NO, dolfrog, tibbir is ONLY what they say in Australia ;-)

dolfrog (ID=11) (Oct 2, 2001 9:06:55 AM)
i am typing one handed baby asleep on sholder

Cindy (ID=13) (Oct 2, 2001 9:07:03 AM)
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deb (ID=12) (Oct 2, 2001 9:07:15 AM)
Good morning Cindy

Cindy (ID=13) (Oct 2, 2001 9:07:15 AM)
Good Morning everyone

dolfrog (ID=11) (Oct 2, 2001 9:07:19 AM)
like oo

Cindy (ID=13) (Oct 2, 2001 9:07:22 AM)
Hi Deb

Cindy (ID=13) (Oct 2, 2001 9:07:27 AM)
I have a guestion

deb (ID=12) (Oct 2, 2001 9:07:42 AM)
Ask away....

Cindy (ID=13) (Oct 2, 2001 9:07:44 AM)
Does anyone know of a non verbal psy test

dolfrog (ID=11) (Oct 2, 2001 9:07:56 AM)
hi deb

dr.j (ID=9) (Oct 2, 2001 9:07:58 AM)
Lisa, please share this with those thick skulled educators.......his name now escapes me, but the scientist who has ALS and is probably the next great scientist after Einstein. He writes with a head pointer or a "scribe" and no one complains that he has no hand writing abilities? RIght?

dr.j (ID=9) (Oct 2, 2001 9:08:09 AM)
Morning CIndy, what's your question?

deb (ID=12) (Oct 2, 2001 9:08:12 AM)
Hi great to "see" you again!

Cindy (ID=13) (Oct 2, 2001 9:08:22 AM)
that can be givin to children who have central aud processing

dolfrog (ID=11) (Oct 2, 2001 9:08:36 AM)
very visual

Lisa (ID=7) (Oct 2, 2001 9:08:44 AM)
I will share Dr J and I do not know if they will act but I will make them listen!!

Cindy (ID=13) (Oct 2, 2001 9:08:44 AM)
Dr J, do you know of a non verbal psy test

dr.j (ID=9) (Oct 2, 2001 9:09:08 AM)
CIndy, there are MANY. Probably the most commonly accepted is the TONI-2 (Test of Non-Verbal INtellegence-2nd edition). BUt there's also the Ravens, Leiter, Chicago, and a few others.

Lisa (ID=7) (Oct 2, 2001 9:09:16 AM)
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Cindy (ID=13) (Oct 2, 2001 9:09:40 AM)
thanks Dr J, I ask my school to give my daughter one and they didn't know of any

dr.j (ID=9) (Oct 2, 2001 9:09:56 AM)
Well, couldn't even say good bye to lisa I wonder if she was booted out by the gremlins. Hope she returns.

dolfrog (ID=11) (Oct 2, 2001 9:09:59 AM)
thanks for they UK ref deb

deb (ID=12) (Oct 2, 2001 9:10:19 AM)
=) =) dolfrog!

Cindy (ID=13) (Oct 2, 2001 9:10:49 AM)
I have another question

dac (ID=10) (Oct 2, 2001 9:10:53 AM)
I have got to run, thanks for the visit!

deb (ID=12) (Oct 2, 2001 9:11:00 AM)
Bye dac....

Cindy (ID=13) (Oct 2, 2001 9:11:36 AM)
Everything that I have read indicates that a child w/capd should have phonics, How can I convinice my school to offer a good phonics program for my daughter

dr.j (ID=9) (Oct 2, 2001 9:12:10 AM)
Cindy, if the school doesn't know of any non-verbal psych evals, then, demand an outside evaluator who DOES have the expertise and experience in giving and scoring and interpreting non-verbal psych evals. According to the IDEA and even the ADA, assessments MUST be done for eligibility and related issues by the most highly qualified professional. If the school psych didn't know of the most popular TONI or other non-verbal IQ tests, then the school psych is NOT the qualified professional for doing the assessment.

Cindy (ID=13) (Oct 2, 2001 9:13:25 AM)
I am suppose to meet w/the psychologist next Monday

Cindy (ID=13) (Oct 2, 2001 9:14:01 AM)
I am working w/a govoners adocate right now so my daughter can get some of the things she needs

dr.j (ID=9) (Oct 2, 2001 9:14:05 AM)
Cindy, what you have read, then is very limited. NOT every child with APD needs phonics. FIrst of all, phonics has nothing to do with APD. Phonics is an approach to reading not an auditory processing related intervention or remediation. FOr example, many, many children I see with APD do best with a reading approach called Phono-Graphix and this approach is totally in opposition to the concept of phonics. Actually, to practitioners of Phono-Graphix, phonics is a dirty word (sort of ;-) )

dolfrog (ID=11) (Oct 2, 2001 9:14:55 AM)
got to need to do shopping may pop in tonight this house dad thing is a busy life

Cindy (ID=13) (Oct 2, 2001 9:15:00 AM)
Do they use a whole languate approach

dr.j (ID=9) (Oct 2, 2001 9:15:01 AM)
bye dac, thanks for dropping by. Hope to see you on the CAPD list and at the next chat. WE'll be back every 1st and 3rd TUes of the month.

dac (ID=10) (Oct 2, 2001 9:15:21 AM)
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deb (ID=12) (Oct 2, 2001 9:15:27 AM)
Hope to see you tonight dolfrog...I will be late....PTA meeting tonight at school.

dolfrog (ID=11) (Oct 2, 2001 9:15:37 AM)

dolfrog (ID=11) (Oct 2, 2001 9:16:29 AM)
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Cindy (ID=13) (Oct 2, 2001 9:17:06 AM)
Right now, the school has been focusing on whole language w/my Jennifer and she is not making much progress, she is in the 4th grade reading at a 2nd - early 3rd grader...

dr.j (ID=9) (Oct 2, 2001 9:17:50 AM)
CIndy, not at all. Phono-Graphix calls (what we call letters and letter combinations) sound pictures and relates the sound pictures to the sounds/phonemes. THe great difference is that phonics has the following......letters have specific sounds attached to them and specific rules that govern these sound-letter relationships. However, there are more "violations" of the rules than there are rules to match letters with sounds. THis is the phonics approach. Phono-Graphix sort of states that sound pictures represent sounds and just as there can be many different pictures different people draw to represent THINGS, these sound pictures represent specific sounds and there are two basic rules.....

dr.j (ID=9) (Oct 2, 2001 9:18:08 AM)
1. specific sound pictures ALWAYS represent specific sounds

dr.j (ID=9) (Oct 2, 2001 9:18:43 AM)
2. SOme sound pictures take on different sounds depending on the context (word) in which they are found

Cindy (ID=13) (Oct 2, 2001 9:19:37 AM)
I know I can't ask for a specfic program, so how can I get my school to do something different, tutoring fee's are killing me

deb (ID=12) (Oct 2, 2001 9:19:50 AM)
Reading can be such a tough issue for our son Travis is in 3rd grade, and is finally reading at almost grade level....just a tad below. We read, read, read every night....he also is with a spec. ed teacher for his reading and lang. arts, which really helps him a lot.

dr.j (ID=9) (Oct 2, 2001 9:20:06 AM)
THus, Phono-Graphix is sort of a combination of the auditory part of reading (phonics) with visual memory to remember the different sound picture/sound relationships AND problem solving to figure out all possible choices and listening (auditory feedback ) to realize which choice makes the most sense.

dr.j (ID=9) (Oct 2, 2001 9:20:23 AM)
deb, you are not only correct for kids, but this is true for adults as well.

Cindy (ID=13) (Oct 2, 2001 9:20:29 AM)
I am spending $300 - 400 a mth on tutoring and we can't keep this up

deb (ID=12) (Oct 2, 2001 9:20:45 AM)
Absolutely, dr.j!

Cindy (ID=13) (Oct 2, 2001 9:21:41 AM)
I have been fighting w/the school for 4 years, and they just don't seem to realize the approach they are taking is not working......I really don't know what to do...

deb (ID=12) (Oct 2, 2001 9:21:44 AM)
Is Jennifer recieving any type of help in school Cindy?

dr.j (ID=9) (Oct 2, 2001 9:21:55 AM)
Cindy, if your child has been assessed and found to have specific underlying problems needing special education services, then the school must provide (through a written, signed contract) the appropriate (free) education for your child. The contract is the IEP and you don't have to sign what you feel is NOT meeting your child's needs.

dr.j (ID=9) (Oct 2, 2001 9:22:05 AM)
Also, parents, think of the following..........

Cindy (ID=13) (Oct 2, 2001 9:22:21 AM)
they finally did a OHI w/her last year

deb (ID=12) (Oct 2, 2001 9:22:54 AM)
What's an OHI?

Cindy (ID=13) (Oct 2, 2001 9:22:55 AM)
so she does receive help from the school, but I don't think that what they are doing is working....

Cindy (ID=13) (Oct 2, 2001 9:23:07 AM)
other health impaired

deb (ID=12) (Oct 2, 2001 9:23:13 AM)
Thanks Cindy.

deb (ID=12) (Oct 2, 2001 9:24:25 AM)
Do you have any test results, info, recommendations from Dr.s as to what is/would be best for her? Does her teacher work with you?

Cindy (ID=13) (Oct 2, 2001 9:24:44 AM)
I have ask for a phonics program, but their solution is doing it for 10 - 15 min at beginning of school in her classroom w/her teacher who does not know how to teach phonics w/ a room that is very loud w/other kids

dr.j (ID=9) (Oct 2, 2001 9:25:00 AM)
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Cindy (ID=13) (Oct 2, 2001 9:25:06 AM)
Yes I do, but they have ignored them for 3 years

deb (ID=12) (Oct 2, 2001 9:25:15 AM)
Ut-oh...the chat gremlins got dr. j I think....

Anna (ID=8) (Oct 2, 2001 9:25:20 AM)
here, just listening

Cindy (ID=13) (Oct 2, 2001 9:25:23 AM)
the teacher does ok

deb (ID=12) (Oct 2, 2001 9:25:29 AM)
I was wondering Anna!

dr.j (ID=14) (Oct 2, 2001 9:25:54 AM)
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Cindy (ID=13) (Oct 2, 2001 9:26:10 AM)
I have ask for the fast forword program, the school is still thinking about it

dr.j (ID=14) (Oct 2, 2001 9:26:20 AM)
sorry those gremlins caught me. What did I miss?

Cindy (ID=13) (Oct 2, 2001 9:26:43 AM)
Duke University speech path...did write a letter to the school telling them Jennifer would be a great candiate for the program

dr.j (ID=14) (Oct 2, 2001 9:27:09 AM)
GOod CIndy. And they should. FFWD is still a very controversial program and unless the schools and you have proof that your child is an appropriate candidate, its a waste of time and money.

dr.j (ID=14) (Oct 2, 2001 9:27:31 AM)
CIndy, based on what evidence did the SLP say Jennifer would be appropriate?

Cindy (ID=13) (Oct 2, 2001 9:27:40 AM)
she was evaluated at duke this summer,

dr.j (ID=14) (Oct 2, 2001 9:27:47 AM)
What evidence?

deb (ID=12) (Oct 2, 2001 9:27:59 AM)
That makes things sooooo much harder and more difficult for the child...maybe you could sit down with the teacher, and thouroughly go over how she learns it visually, verbally, etc, and maybe she will try and work harder to make it easier for Jennifer. That's what I have done at the beginning of each school year, plus, I have a handout that is specifically geared towards Travis, and what HIS issues with APD are, and how to best go about helping him.

Cindy (ID=13) (Oct 2, 2001 9:29:12 AM)
I'm sorry Dr. J, I don't have her evaluation w/me...I really can't remember the specfics

dr.j (ID=14) (Oct 2, 2001 9:29:17 AM)
deb is really on the right track becasue like it or not, WE the parents are the experts on our child and we the parents have to constantly educate the teachers, educators, schools, etc.

deb (ID=12) (Oct 2, 2001 9:29:22 AM)
Teachers really play a KEY part in helping our children.

Cindy (ID=13) (Oct 2, 2001 9:30:10 AM)
I go to the teachers, I tell them, they act like they are listening , I check back in a week, and they seem to have forgotten, so I write it down, other than sitting in my childs class, I really don't know what to do

dr.j (ID=14) (Oct 2, 2001 9:30:57 AM)
CIndy, that's ok, but if you really want to discuss this further, you can email or contact me privately. I am happy to discuss it with you. ANd please note, not only do I do the assessments daily in APD and consultations, I am a FFWD provider and I have just completed a major research investigation into FFWD and am involved with a second one now and starting a third one sometime this month as we just got the grant approved for the third study.

Cindy (ID=13) (Oct 2, 2001 9:31:37 AM)
Thank You so much Dr. J, I have so many questions

Cindy (ID=13) (Oct 2, 2001 9:31:53 AM)
What is your email address

Anna (ID=8) (Oct 2, 2001 9:32:07 AM)
what's a FFWD?

deb (ID=12) (Oct 2, 2001 9:32:40 AM)
It really has helped...once his teacher KNOWS what APD "is", what effects it has on his learning, how he learns best, etc, they really put their best foot forward. Unfortunately Cindy, it is a battle that continues on a daily basis for many...I feel very fortunate, that Travis has had great teachers, I always put a "bug" in our principals ear for the following year...they will always put him with who is best suited, and a good "match".

dr.j (ID=14) (Oct 2, 2001 9:32:49 AM)
CIndy, what you need to do is to discuss and tell and then ask them to give back to you in their own words what they understand of what you have said. Then, set up a log or dialog with them on a weekly basis and write back and forth even at minumum once a week. WE use a red folder for our communication and if we don't get it back, we send a note to the teacher asking what happened that week that we didn't get her feed back. ALso, important is to send feedback to the teacher.

dr.j (ID=14) (Oct 2, 2001 9:33:03 AM)
my email address is

dr.j (ID=14) (Oct 2, 2001 9:33:41 AM)
my phone number is (202) 237-2927 if you'd rather call to discuss (I do realize it's long distance for many.

Cindy (ID=13) (Oct 2, 2001 9:34:10 AM)
thank you so very much

Cindy (ID=13) (Oct 2, 2001 9:34:30 AM)
Dr J, you will be hearing from me

deb (ID=12) (Oct 2, 2001 9:34:47 AM)
Absolutely correct dr. j....his teacher and I last year had a daily notebook that went back and forth. Boy, did that help...all 3 of us. His teacher this year, makes comments, as do I, in his daily I can always talk to her when I need to. Communication, and UNDERSTANDING it, are very important!

Cindy (ID=13) (Oct 2, 2001 9:35:43 AM)
I will try that, they are not communicating w/me as well as I would like it,

Cindy (ID=13) (Oct 2, 2001 9:36:22 AM)
I need to run to work.....thank you so much for the help, Hope everyone has a great day!!

dr.j (ID=14) (Oct 2, 2001 9:36:29 AM)
deb, you are lucky and you are correct. Great example is our son. I consistently see parents with children for APD assessment and hte children are in my own local school district and the stories from the parents are really tragic regarding the lack of care, concern and help the child is getting in school. Then, (same school district), we have had nothing but total cooperation and compliance in our son's school. Interesting, this was NOT the case in EI and preschool for the district, so it is a specific issue thing and it is a struggle until you can get the cooperation from some major factors (like the principal or the class teacher).

dr.j (ID=14) (Oct 2, 2001 9:37:01 AM)
Bye for now CIndy. Good to see you again. See you next time and I hope things go positively for you and your child.

Cindy (ID=13) (Oct 2, 2001 9:37:11 AM)
Thanks Dr. J

Cindy (ID=13) (Oct 2, 2001 9:37:14 AM)
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deb (ID=12) (Oct 2, 2001 9:37:34 AM)
The teacher may say..."Well, I don't have time to write every day". Well, fine. How about a few times a week then? ...ooops...never mind...she's gone!

dr.j (ID=14) (Oct 2, 2001 9:37:51 AM)
Anna, lost your question....sorry, let me answer now. You asked what is Fast FOrWOrd.

deb (ID=12) (Oct 2, 2001 9:38:07 AM)
Did you get your toasty warm afagan in the mail dr. j?!?!

Anna (ID=8) (Oct 2, 2001 9:38:25 AM)
thanks, dr. j!

Dorien (ID=15) (Oct 2, 2001 9:38:55 AM)
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deb (ID=12) (Oct 2, 2001 9:39:18 AM)
hi are you this am?

Anna (ID=8) (Oct 2, 2001 9:39:22 AM)
yes, what is it?

stephy (ID=16) (Oct 2, 2001 9:39:29 AM)
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dr.j (ID=14) (Oct 2, 2001 9:39:31 AM)
FFWD is often the abbreviation used. FFWD is really a "family" or group of computer based programs for auditory training developed by a company called Scientific Learning. THe basis is that they use digitally altered speech (they expand the speech by slowing it down to a very unnatural level or rate). .......

Dorien (ID=15) (Oct 2, 2001 9:39:43 AM)

deb (ID=12) (Oct 2, 2001 9:39:53 AM)
Mornin' Stephy....

dr.j (ID=14) (Oct 2, 2001 9:40:09 AM)
Then, practice is provided in the form of games or exercises that involve listening to this initially distorted speech, which adjusts to regular speech as the child improves in the "games"

MOMTIME (ID=17) (Oct 2, 2001 9:40:26 AM)
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stephy (ID=16) (Oct 2, 2001 9:40:29 AM)
hi everyone, I hope I can stay here, my 2 year old just woke up

Anna (ID=8) (Oct 2, 2001 9:40:49 AM)
hi all

deb (ID=12) (Oct 2, 2001 9:40:57 AM)
good morning momtime....

stephy (ID=16) (Oct 2, 2001 9:41:06 AM)
If you are talking about Fast Forward, my twin boys have done FF 1 and 2 with great results!

blab (ID=18) (Oct 2, 2001 9:41:17 AM)
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dr.j (ID=14) (Oct 2, 2001 9:41:50 AM)
The games vary with different listening exercises, but the child MUST know how to do each listening exercise to really get the benefit from the practice. ALthough they claim it is a training program, it trains nothing. INstead it provides intensive practice (about 100 minutes a day, five days a week, for 6 weeks) and it MUST be done 100 minutes a day for five days a week for 6 continuous weeks for the real maximal benefit.

deb (ID=12) (Oct 2, 2001 9:41:57 AM)
hi blab....welcome.

MOMTIME (ID=17) (Oct 2, 2001 9:42:06 AM)
good morning, this is my first time logging on. Stephy, did you boys do the home version of Fast Forward?

blab (ID=18) (Oct 2, 2001 9:42:14 AM)
hi deb, its Brenda B.

dr.j (ID=14) (Oct 2, 2001 9:42:26 AM)
Anna, you can go to or on the net for more info and demos of the programs.

deb (ID=12) (Oct 2, 2001 9:42:29 AM)
Hey are you?

dr.j (ID=14) (Oct 2, 2001 9:43:08 AM)
Good morning Brenda B aka blab (or is it the "blab" no that was the blob.... ;-) )

MOMTIME (ID=17) (Oct 2, 2001 9:43:11 AM)
has anyone heard of or had any experience with the PACE program as related to CAPD & sensory integration disorder (SID)?

blab (ID=18) (Oct 2, 2001 9:43:13 AM)
OK, have laryngitis and a mean IEP meeting tomorrow, but that's life. : )

Anna (ID=8) (Oct 2, 2001 9:43:17 AM)
wow! thanks! will do!

stephy (ID=16) (Oct 2, 2001 9:43:19 AM)
Because I have twins and would have needed two computers, and I also have 2 other children, I took them someplace else to do FF. I researched alot of places until I found one that was medially priced and they had a lot of experience witht he program.

stephy (ID=16) (Oct 2, 2001 9:43:48 AM)
A friend of mine is starting Pace with her son. She is very excited about it, but just started.

deb (ID=12) (Oct 2, 2001 9:43:52 AM)
I had it last week Brenda!

dr.j (ID=14) (Oct 2, 2001 9:44:00 AM)
there's been a lot of discussion on the CAPD list related to PACE. YOu could check out the archives at and search for PACE.

ncz/tx (ID=19) (Oct 2, 2001 9:44:03 AM)
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stephy (ID=16) (Oct 2, 2001 9:44:19 AM)
Dr. J, do you know what it could mean to have an abnormal response to an acoustic reflex test?

blab (ID=18) (Oct 2, 2001 9:44:20 AM)
deb, the laryngitis or the IEP meeting??

dr.j (ID=14) (Oct 2, 2001 9:44:21 AM)
good morning ncz from Texas.

deb (ID=12) (Oct 2, 2001 9:44:31 AM)
Hey are you this am?

deb (ID=12) (Oct 2, 2001 9:44:45 AM)
The laryngitis!

ncz/tx (ID=19) (Oct 2, 2001 9:44:57 AM)
hey--dr J and deb it's been quite a while since I have joined the chat

blab (ID=18) (Oct 2, 2001 9:45:18 AM)
Oh, hope it is gone. I'm still alittle croaky.

deb (ID=12) (Oct 2, 2001 9:45:26 AM)
Same has been soooooooo crazy!! Feels great being back!

MOMTIME (ID=17) (Oct 2, 2001 9:45:45 AM)
I am meeting with a provider of the PACE program today, Dr. J - what questions should I ask to evaluate effectiveness?

dr.j (ID=14) (Oct 2, 2001 9:45:59 AM)
Stephy, yes, it means that when the sound was made loud, the person for whom the acoustic reflex was tested did not have this reflex. THe question then is what was the reflex tested at (frequency and intensity level) was it ipsilateral or contralateral, and what was the tympanometry results? There can be many reasons for an absent or abnormal Acoustic Reflex (AR).

stephy (ID=16) (Oct 2, 2001 9:47:05 AM)
So, what should I ask the ENT? What reasons can there be? Should I be worried, what further tests should I have done on my son?

dr.j (ID=14) (Oct 2, 2001 9:47:49 AM)
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dr.j (ID=20) (Oct 2, 2001 9:47:51 AM)
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blab (ID=18) (Oct 2, 2001 9:47:55 AM)
One of the things I am working on w/the school is having the audiologist come and observe in the Reg Ed classrooms to see what modifications and if an FM would be worth a try. My son does OK w/an aide who knows him well, but I want him to be more independent especially for HS next year. Any pointers or good arguments??

dr.j (ID=20) (Oct 2, 2001 9:48:17 AM)
sorry, those gremlins again.

dr.j (ID=20) (Oct 2, 2001 9:48:29 AM)
SOmeone asked about what to ask about the PACE program>

dr.j (ID=20) (Oct 2, 2001 9:48:34 AM)
I was typing the followng

Dorien (ID=15) (Oct 2, 2001 9:48:55 AM)
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dr.j (ID=20) (Oct 2, 2001 9:48:56 AM)
WHat is the research that has been done to support PACE? Independent or is it all company research only?

dr.j (ID=20) (Oct 2, 2001 9:49:24 AM)
WHo was in the sample (ages, number of children, socioeconomic levels) from where were they chosen?

dr.j (ID=20) (Oct 2, 2001 9:49:39 AM)
WHat was the assessment used to evaluate candidacy for the program?

stephy (ID=16) (Oct 2, 2001 9:49:52 AM)
Sorry, guys I gotta go feed my baby. I hope to join in at another time.

stephy (ID=16) (Oct 2, 2001 9:49:55 AM)
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dr.j (ID=20) (Oct 2, 2001 9:49:56 AM)
What was the assessment used to measure improvement/change benefit from PACE?

dr.j (ID=20) (Oct 2, 2001 9:50:15 AM)
Were the tests used related to the specific training for PACE or independent?

dr.j (ID=20) (Oct 2, 2001 9:51:19 AM)
THese are the basic questions ANYONE should ask about ANY program that they are considering for their child. ANd please think whether you can evaluate the responses given or you need to consult with a knowledgeable and experienced professional

MOMTIME (ID=17) (Oct 2, 2001 9:51:54 AM)
Dr. J, this is momtime, thank you for the questions regarding PACE program. I have noted them and will talk to her today. I'm evaluating either using PACE, home based Earobics, or home based FastForward to supplement my daughter's Lindamoud therapy for CAPD and OT therapy for SI. Any preference?

dr.j (ID=20) (Oct 2, 2001 9:52:10 AM)
Many, many programs you will read about and hear about have NO true underlying evidence that they provide benefit for children with specific types or categories of or areas of APD deficits.

dr.j (ID=20) (Oct 2, 2001 9:53:18 AM)
MOMTIME, please don't take what I say negatively. I ask you: SOunds like you're doing a shotgun approach. That is, I'll shoot this shotgun into the forest and maybe it will hit something so I can have dinner.

dr.j (ID=20) (Oct 2, 2001 9:54:16 AM)
WHat I mean is the following, and it is the most critical question you have to answer. AWHat is your daughter's specific category or area of APD deficit? WHy is Lindamood-Bell supposed to be appropriate and why should you be looking for a separate home supplemetn?

dr.j (ID=20) (Oct 2, 2001 9:54:26 AM)
supplement sorry for the typo.

Anna (ID=8) (Oct 2, 2001 9:54:56 AM)

dr.j (ID=20) (Oct 2, 2001 9:56:03 AM)
TO all and I have said this dozens of times and will continue to say this......

deb (ID=12) (Oct 2, 2001 9:56:30 AM)
Well everyone, I must get going. Lots of errands to go and do. Great to be back in the chat! HAve a great day everyone!

blab (ID=18) (Oct 2, 2001 9:56:36 AM)
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dr.j (ID=20) (Oct 2, 2001 9:56:52 AM)
NONE of the so-called treatment programs or packaged programs (as I call them) ARE treating anything. They are all just tools which, when used correctly, can be great tools or when used incorrectly can be a waste of money and time.

ncz/tx (ID=19) (Oct 2, 2001 9:56:59 AM)
blab--how old is your son?

deb (ID=12) (Oct 2, 2001 9:57:21 AM)
she just got booted by the gremlins I think.

MOMTIME (ID=17) (Oct 2, 2001 9:57:24 AM)
Dr. J, I had my daughter tested thru local university speech & hearing clinic (University of Central Florida)and they were the ones that recommended Lindamood and Earobics program. I don't have my testing info with me but from what I remember she was classified as severe APD but my developmental pediatrian said that based on the OT praxis test she had more than just APD. So I've had to do alot of coordinated therapies together to treat the entire picture.

deb (ID=12) (Oct 2, 2001 9:58:03 AM)
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dr.j (ID=20) (Oct 2, 2001 9:58:27 AM)
deb, anwser to a question you asked, YES we did get the "blanket" and it really came in handy recently with the cool temps we've been having. Yesterday, Joshie was ill stomach virus and he lay in our bed watching TV and fell asleep and my wife covered him with his blanket and the afgan and he was really warm.

MOMTIME (ID=17) (Oct 2, 2001 9:58:43 AM)
Dr. J - how can I learn how to use these programs correctly to benefit my daughter? I'm looking to supplement therapy as to take advantage of this "window". I also have a friend whose daughter is going to a LIPS provider. I'm trying to assess what is best to supplement what I'm already doing.

ncz/tx (ID=19) (Oct 2, 2001 9:58:53 AM)
Gremlins?? perhaps it's those little pixie fairies that drink the ink from your pen and take the socks out of the dryer! (ha!)

ncz/tx (ID=19) (Oct 2, 2001 9:59:46 AM)
gtg to work-have a great day

dr.j (ID=20) (Oct 2, 2001 10:00:02 AM)
MOMTIME. SOrry to put a damper on what you understand, but from my approach, there is not such thing as a degree of APD so there's no severe APD and there is no one thing called APD, you have to identify the category. SO, you should really go back and ask or find a professional consultant to help you understand what is the underlying area of APD your daughter has and....

dr.j (ID=20) (Oct 2, 2001 10:00:39 AM)
THen, from the underlying area, you should have a total understanding of how she proceses auditory information and then you'll understand what approaches and what tools might be helpful for her.

ncz/tx (ID=19) (Oct 2, 2001 10:01:34 AM)
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Anna (ID=8) (Oct 2, 2001 10:02:00 AM)
thank you all so very much! i'll try to get a transcript of this this chat. you've helped me already! thanks so much!

dr.j (ID=20) (Oct 2, 2001 10:02:08 AM)
WIthout knowing the underlying area, I could not say what program would be appropriate. But, understand this, Earobics, LiPS, V/V and FFWD are four tools that have totally different approaches and different uses for very different types of APD problems they are NOT the same and not related to each other. THey are like a hammer, saw, screwdriver and wrench. ALL are tools but they are for four different purposes.

dr.j (ID=20) (Oct 2, 2001 10:02:57 AM)
Anna, please come back and please come join the CAPD list if you are not already a member. you can join the CAPD list from a link on the NCAPD homepage or from one of the banner's that flashed above.

MOMTIME (ID=17) (Oct 2, 2001 10:03:22 AM)
Dr. J, when you say "underlying" I thought I had done that in the diagnosis of sensory integration disorder, or at least understood that she has more of a auditory memory deficit. Is this what you are talking about? From your comments I understand the hammer, saw, screwdriver analogy. Should I begin by looking at the APD testing, or where?

Anna (ID=8) (Oct 2, 2001 10:03:25 AM)
yes, yes. will do!

dr.j (ID=20) (Oct 2, 2001 10:03:25 AM)
MOMTIME, please I'm not trying to be negative, only trying to help you understand and educate you.

MOMTIME (ID=17) (Oct 2, 2001 10:03:58 AM)
Dr. J, totally understand, I appreciate your expertise and want your input, that is why I'm asking specific questions.

dr.j (ID=20) (Oct 2, 2001 10:04:03 AM)
Well, if you feel that the underlying problem is a sensory integration deficit, then you child does NOT have a primary APD problem. THe APD is secondary to the SI.

dr.j (ID=20) (Oct 2, 2001 10:05:01 AM)
If that's the case, does your child have auditory hypersensitivities? THe usual APD realted problem that stems from SI is auditory hypersensitivities for which EAROBICS< FFWD, LipS, V/V and all such programs are totally inappropriate as they do NOT address the auditory hypersensitivity'

dr.j (ID=20) (Oct 2, 2001 10:05:29 AM)
I am happy to help and WANT you to truly understand. SHe's your daughter.

dr.j (ID=20) (Oct 2, 2001 10:05:42 AM)
Does she have auditory hypersensitivity?

Anna (ID=8) (Oct 2, 2001 10:06:27 AM)
is that important?

MOMTIME (ID=17) (Oct 2, 2001 10:07:09 AM)
Dr. J - I guess that is what we're seeing. I'm treating the SI with OT/SI therapy (classical approach from Dr. Jane Ayers). In addition, we are beginning The Listening Program. Yes, she does have auditory hypersensitivity in certain noise levels. She has covered her ears from age 3 but had normal hearing, didn't diagnose all of this till she was 5/6 and had school problems processing information. She definitely has processing problems, but like you said what the main cause is is the real issue.

dr.j (ID=20) (Oct 2, 2001 10:07:13 AM)
YOu also said auditory memory seems to be a problem. Again, we'd need to look more closely to see if the problem is getting info into the memory store (more of an auditory or language based problem), recalling info from memory (an auditory or cognitive problem) or memory storage capacity (totally a cognitive problem).

Anna (ID=8) (Oct 2, 2001 10:07:33 AM)
guess so, sorry.

dr.j (ID=20) (Oct 2, 2001 10:07:36 AM)
ANna yes, it is most important to truly understand the underlying issues and the category or area of APD.

dr.j (ID=20) (Oct 2, 2001 10:08:23 AM)
MOMTIME, auditory hypersensitivity has nothing to do with loud sounds. Tell me, if you don't mind, what sounds bother your daughter?

MOMTIME (ID=17) (Oct 2, 2001 10:09:42 AM)
Dr. J, lawnmowers, vaccums, people yelling, people being loud in the classroom, sudden noises, sometimes the stereo and yet not other times. Seems situational but the lawnmower & vaccum is all the time.

dr.j (ID=20) (Oct 2, 2001 10:09:49 AM)
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Anna (ID=8) (Oct 2, 2001 10:09:52 AM)
thank you so much, dr. j!

dr.j (ID=21) (Oct 2, 2001 10:10:02 AM)
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dr.j (ID=21) (Oct 2, 2001 10:11:08 AM)
booted out again, sorry. MOMOTIME I asked a question and I was booted out before I got your response. TO what sounds is your dgt sensitive what sounds bother her.

MOMTIME (ID=17) (Oct 2, 2001 10:11:42 AM)
Dr. J - all the things you mentioned - memory store, recall memory and memory storage capacity I've seen in various things. My daughter is borderline gifted and at times she is amazing in her recall, processing and analysis, then at other times she can't remember/process the simplest thing. I'm giving this to more of the SI issues.

MOMTIME (ID=17) (Oct 2, 2001 10:12:39 AM)
Dr. J, lawnmowers, vaccums, people yelling, people being loud in the classroom, sudden noises, sometimes the stereo and yet not other times. Seems situational but the lawnmower & vaccum is all the time.

dr.j (ID=21) (Oct 2, 2001 10:12:40 AM)
OK, from what you say, then, is she has inconsistent behaviors. GOod.

dr.j (ID=21) (Oct 2, 2001 10:13:46 AM)
OK, so, she is bothered by loud sounds just the way we are all bothered by loud sounds. THis is not at all hypersensitivity. I'll explain in a moment. WHat she has, sounds like it's "I don't know what to do with all that noise so I want it to stop because I can't shut it off."

MOMTIME (ID=17) (Oct 2, 2001 10:14:00 AM)
Dr. J - yes, inconsistent is the word but I've seen more degradation when she is in sensory overload. When that happens she can't add 2 + 2, but put her for a nap and she gets up and can see the answer to the problem & think right away. She still has problems with complex, abstract concepts.

dr.j (ID=21) (Oct 2, 2001 10:14:57 AM)
Hypersensitivity is a child who is bothered by sounds you and normal hearing and APD people take for granted. Bothered by ticking clocks, the car motor in the driveway when you're upstairs two floors above the noise. A truck turning the corner a block away.

MOMTIME (ID=17) (Oct 2, 2001 10:15:26 AM)
Dr. J, my daughter is on Ritalin as she was initially diagnosed with ADHD but my developmental pediatrican was wise enough to recognize more problems and recommended further testing, and that is where we found the APD & SI. Still on Ritalin and does help with impulse control.

dr.j (ID=21) (Oct 2, 2001 10:15:39 AM)
SOunds like she has more of a behavior management auditory loudness problem. It would be important for me (anyway) to know how she performed on speech in noise tests.

Anna (ID=8) (Oct 2, 2001 10:15:40 AM)
i'm new at this. i don't know how to use all the features. thanks much!

MOMTIME (ID=17) (Oct 2, 2001 10:17:17 AM)
Dr. J - don't have my specific findings with me (will for the next chat) but when they had competing noises, right/left ear with 2-6 word strings, she degraded at the 3 word level in both ears. I believe the right was stronger than the left. That is where the APD diagnosis came from.

dr.j (ID=21) (Oct 2, 2001 10:17:58 AM)
THat's good. ALso, it is the same area of the brain that deals with filtering and gating (as it is called). Our auditory filter tells us what to pass (allow to be processed) and what to filter out. If there is a developmental problem in that part of the brain that controls impulses, gating and filtering, then, the auditory sensitivity (NOT hypersensitivity) is related to noise desensitization and not somethng like the listening program. I'd rather see more test info for a real analysis but it sounds like the Listening Program may NOT be appropriate for her.

dr.j (ID=21) (Oct 2, 2001 10:18:19 AM)
How old is she?

MOMTIME (ID=17) (Oct 2, 2001 10:18:42 AM)
She is 8.

dr.j (ID=21) (Oct 2, 2001 10:19:07 AM)
MOMTIME, without specific information, I can't make specific recommendations. ALso, as I am not in as a consultant on this case, and I don't have all the info, I can only talk more in genrealities.

dr.j (ID=21) (Oct 2, 2001 10:20:14 AM)
At 8 years of age, certain degrees of right ear advantage (right ear better performance ) is normal. THis process of bringing the two ears into integrative functioning is in normal development and normal neuromaturation up to the age of around preadolescence, early adolescence and for some even into adolescence.

MOMTIME (ID=17) (Oct 2, 2001 10:20:17 AM)
Believe the OT is using the Listening Program to improve/retrain for SI issues, not APD. Realize that I need to give more specific info and, if you are open to it, I can do that at a later time. I want to use my time and money wisely to benefit my daughter, don't want to be running from one therapy to another, hoping something will work. Want the right thing.

Anna (ID=8) (Oct 2, 2001 10:22:13 AM)
well, it's after 10. i'll leave you now. see you in the emails. thanks much, all!

Anna (ID=8) (Oct 2, 2001 10:22:39 AM)
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dr.j (ID=21) (Oct 2, 2001 10:23:05 AM)
BUt, the Listening Program is a specific AUDITORY TRAINING program. I know of it and recommend it (when appropriate) quite often. Also, my son will be on the program probably around CHristmas time when we have the time to really put into the program. I think it's a great aduitory hypersensitivity training program. It is NOT an SI program believe me and I've done a lot of reasearch and published on AIT and such trypes of programs including having done research with a group years and years ago (a neuropsych group) directly doing reseach with ALfred TOmatis.

anna (ID=22) (Oct 2, 2001 10:23:54 AM)
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dr.j (ID=21) (Oct 2, 2001 10:24:25 AM)
SOrry to cut uyou off. It's 10:20 and I have a client at 10:30 I ahve to get ready. MOMTIME, if you'd like to discuss further or have me come in AS a consultant on your dgt case, email me at or call me (202) 237-2927 I'm happy to help you and provide my professional expertise.

anna (ID=22) (Oct 2, 2001 10:24:35 AM)
where are the archives?

dr.j (ID=21) (Oct 2, 2001 10:24:45 AM)
bye for now. must leave.

dr.j (ID=21) (Oct 2, 2001 10:24:49 AM)
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anna (ID=22) (Oct 2, 2001 10:24:57 AM)

anna (ID=22) (Oct 2, 2001 10:25:01 AM)
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MOMTIME (ID=17) (Oct 2, 2001 10:25:08 AM)
thank you all, bye.

MOMTIME (ID=17) (Oct 2, 2001 10:25:27 AM)
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debbie (ID=23) (Oct 2, 2001 8:10:58 PM)
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lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:14:58 PM)
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debbie (ID=23) (Oct 2, 2001 8:15:15 PM)
hi lynne how are you tonight?

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:15:33 PM)
fine and you?

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:15:42 PM)
Small group.haha

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:15:50 PM)
were more on earlier?

debbie (ID=23) (Oct 2, 2001 8:16:14 PM)
I just got here a few minutes ago, but i heard there was a great chat this am

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:16:26 PM)
wow. What on?

debbie (ID=23) (Oct 2, 2001 8:17:07 PM)
not sure..dr j just sent me a quick note...have't actually talked to him yet

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:17:45 PM)
I am not sure how long I will be able to stay on. So, are you the one who came up with this chat and everything?

debbie (ID=23) (Oct 2, 2001 8:18:05 PM)
yes i am

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:18:12 PM)

debbie (ID=23) (Oct 2, 2001 8:18:25 PM)
it started from my web site. i had no idea it would end up with the ncapd

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:18:57 PM)
I have often toyed with the idea to write the "Today" show and ask them to do a feature on CAPD.

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:19:03 PM)
That is sooo wonderful

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:19:38 PM)
I wish it could get out there more and maybe we could get kids off meds that they don't need to be on, and get help for the ones that need it.

debbie (ID=23) (Oct 2, 2001 8:19:42 PM)
i am working with a publicist now for the NCAPD, we would love to do something like the Today show or preferably Oprah or an info talk show

debbie (ID=23) (Oct 2, 2001 8:20:18 PM)
i work full time, so the work i'im trying to do with the ncapd is slow

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:21:05 PM)
I have emailed the "Today" shop but they sent me one back stating they would like a letter via "snail mail" and I haven't gotten one put together.

cdd (ID=25) (Oct 2, 2001 8:21:07 PM)
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debbie (ID=23) (Oct 2, 2001 8:21:11 PM)
i'd encourage you to write to them though...maybe if enough people write....someday they will listen

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:21:20 PM)
Do you think Dr. J would talk?

debbie (ID=23) (Oct 2, 2001 8:21:24 PM)
hi cdd....

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:21:27 PM)
Hi Cdd

debbie (ID=23) (Oct 2, 2001 8:21:27 PM)
yes i do...

debbie (ID=23) (Oct 2, 2001 8:21:54 PM)
how are you tonight?

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:22:10 PM)
Wonderful. I will write my letter and tell them about your website and get them to talk with the Dr. and you.

debbie (ID=23) (Oct 2, 2001 8:22:38 PM)
let me know if you hear anything back. =)

cdd (ID=25) (Oct 2, 2001 8:22:47 PM)
Hi group. I wanted to know if anyone knows the best reading program for achild with phonemic decoding deficit?

debbie (ID=23) (Oct 2, 2001 8:23:16 PM)
just one moment..i have company right back

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:23:26 PM)
I have heard wonders about the Spalding method

cdd (ID=25) (Oct 2, 2001 8:24:11 PM)
what is the spalding method and do you have direct experience with it?

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:24:16 PM)
They have a wonderful book called The Writing Road to Reading. I am a homeschooler and I have an older son who is using it now to make up for the lack of phonics he got in the public school.

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:24:58 PM)
It works with all the phonograms in the English language.

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:25:56 PM)
how the "ear" can have the er sound in earth, the ere sound in tear and the air sound in bear.

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:26:13 PM)
It breaks it down wonderfully so the child can understand.

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:26:42 PM)
It is used as the core curriculm in the AZ. public schools and massive research has been done with it.

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:26:56 PM)
It was developed by a neurologist

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:27:58 PM)
They use it with a lot of children that come over from Mexico and after a year or tow (depending) the children can take state tests as well as an English speaking child.

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:28:32 PM)
does that help? They have a website where you can get a video and info.

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:28:49 PM)
How old is you child?

debbie (ID=23) (Oct 2, 2001 8:29:10 PM)
sorry about that...a friend of mine had surgery today and is resting on the couch

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:29:49 PM)
WOW!! You truly help out your community:0)

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:30:23 PM)
Between working fulltime, having this website and chatroom, and now taking care of friends.

debbie (ID=23) (Oct 2, 2001 8:30:29 PM)
she's a dear family friend.....she's a nurse who took care of my mon when she was terminal and has been part of our family since... =)

debbie (ID=23) (Oct 2, 2001 8:31:07 PM)
I believe in returning the blessings that have been bestowed upon me..

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:31:11 PM)
That is wonderful. I usually will make a meal for a family if I know a parent is down with something.

debbie (ID=23) (Oct 2, 2001 8:32:08 PM)
cdd how old is your child? my daughter with capd is 10

cdd (ID=25) (Oct 2, 2001 8:32:26 PM)
thank you very much for that info lynne. my school district wants to us SRA reading mastery although the publisher, McMillian states it is not a multisensory method. My child is 7 years old. Is the author of Writing road to Reading Spaulding?

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:33:24 PM)
Yes, it is written by Romalda Bishop Spalding and Walter T. Spalding.

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:34:01 PM)
The book is wonderful as well as the kits they have.

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:34:35 PM)
My son with CAPD is 9 now. Man, how fast 4 years have passed!!

cdd (ID=25) (Oct 2, 2001 8:34:45 PM)
do you know the address of the website?

debbie (ID=23) (Oct 2, 2001 8:35:02 PM)
it's been 3 1/2 years since Sarah was diagnosed...time does go by fast

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:35:29 PM)
I think how I found it was just doing an "engine search" and typing in Spalding.

debbie (ID=23) (Oct 2, 2001 8:35:43 PM)
let me try it and see what i come up with

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:35:51 PM)
or try or edu or something like that.

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:36:15 PM)
I know Barnes and Noble sell the book.

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:36:19 PM)
I got mine there.

cdd (ID=25) (Oct 2, 2001 8:36:44 PM)
what is the prognosis for the condition. I heard that 40% of the children outgrow it by the time they are 11-12yrs ols.

debbie (ID=23) (Oct 2, 2001 8:36:58 PM)

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:37:14 PM)
thanks Debbie.

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:37:32 PM)
Half the time I get to a site and I couldn't tell you how I got there.

cdd (ID=25) (Oct 2, 2001 8:38:16 PM)
please excuse my type' Os

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:38:36 PM)
I was told my son would never be sured but he would learn some defense mechanisms to succeed.

debbie (ID=23) (Oct 2, 2001 8:38:45 PM)
cdd that depends on the reason the child has capd..if it is due to maturational delay then they may outgrow it...but if it is due to a true disorder where there is a problem in the transfer of information across the corpus callosum, then the child may not outgrow it, but you can work to remeadiate the capd

debbie (ID=23) (Oct 2, 2001 8:39:05 PM)
my daughter's apd had gotten better as she

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:39:23 PM)
We work on reading with the radio on in the background to teach him to train his brain to ignore it.

debbie (ID=23) (Oct 2, 2001 8:39:48 PM)
is getting a bit older and as her auditory system matures, but yet we are sure there is a true disorder there also that is an integration defecit and that she will never completely outgrow it

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:40:05 PM)
There are other things we are doing. Like he started piano because he has no nature "pace" of speech and this helps him.

cdd (ID=25) (Oct 2, 2001 8:40:11 PM)
my child was diagnosed by an audiologist after 5 years of speech therapy but can an MRI or CAT scan show the problem?

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:40:49 PM)
I would love to know that. I would have him in in a flash.

debbie (ID=23) (Oct 2, 2001 8:41:10 PM)
no a cat or mri will not show the apd, however there are tests that an audiologist can run called an ABR i believe that involves functional imaging that may give some clues

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:41:31 PM)
Greg's scores were soooo low (2%) was all he scored on his SCAN and his others weren't much better.

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 8:41:32 PM)
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debbie (ID=23) (Oct 2, 2001 8:41:44 PM)
hi caroll, how are you tonight?

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:41:46 PM)
Hi Carrol.

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 8:41:52 PM)

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 8:41:56 PM)
i am new

cdd (ID=25) (Oct 2, 2001 8:42:04 PM)
hi Carroll

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:42:06 PM)
We are old.hahah

debbie (ID=23) (Oct 2, 2001 8:42:17 PM)
Welcoem to the group Carol, we are happy you could join us!!

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:42:23 PM)
How old is you child Carroll?

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 8:42:30 PM)
she is 10

debbie (ID=23) (Oct 2, 2001 8:42:34 PM)
speak for yourself lynne,, im not old, just feel that way *LOL*

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:42:42 PM)

debbie (ID=23) (Oct 2, 2001 8:42:44 PM)
boy, i cant type tonight@

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 8:43:16 PM)
how old is your kiddo

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:43:16 PM)
Did you just get a diagnosis?

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 8:43:23 PM)

debbie (ID=23) (Oct 2, 2001 8:43:27 PM)
cdd and carroll, may i ask what part of the country you are from? Im in florida

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 8:43:35 PM)
the school did it for us

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:43:39 PM)
My son is now 9. He was identified at 5

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 8:43:42 PM)
i am in colorado

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:43:54 PM)
I"m in Virginia

cdd (ID=25) (Oct 2, 2001 8:43:55 PM)
I had asked my pediatrician for a Baer test but he refused to order it.

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 8:44:06 PM)
i was asking in kindergarten for testing

cdd (ID=25) (Oct 2, 2001 8:44:10 PM)
I'm in NJ

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 8:44:30 PM)
what part of nj

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:45:16 PM)
I have had sooo much trouble with my son, cdd, that I finally took matters into my own hands and took him to an audiologist.

cdd (ID=25) (Oct 2, 2001 8:45:18 PM)
southern NJ about 12 miles from Philly

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:46:11 PM)
He had 3 hours of testing and the audiologist was really excited about what she saw. She said most kids aren't recognized until 3rd grade.

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:46:47 PM)
But I worked for years, interpretting and teaching the deaf and Greg had/has some very deaf traits.

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 8:47:01 PM)
i think that maybe they just don't wan't to listen to the parents

debbie (ID=23) (Oct 2, 2001 8:47:21 PM)
my daughter was dx at age 6 1/2 also, but it was done privately not at school

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:47:21 PM)
I brought him in saying he was either Hearing Impaired or Processing Disabled.

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 8:47:56 PM)
i kept telling everyone that there was something wrong and they kept telling me it was my parenting

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:48:33 PM)
My son once came to me when he was about 4 and had been talking for 6 months, and did a bunch of babble. I asked him what he was doing and he told me (in his slow studdering way) that he was talking fast like me, in my language.

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:49:10 PM)
My own son, thought I didn't speak the same language to him.

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 8:49:22 PM)
that is so sad lynne

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:49:28 PM)
I wanted to cry. How awful it must be not to understand.

debbie (ID=23) (Oct 2, 2001 8:50:07 PM)
sarah was very slow to speak and babbled so much too.......i kept asking the doctor if she had a hearing problem and i was continually told different kids develop i was a crazy overprotective mother

cdd (ID=25) (Oct 2, 2001 8:50:20 PM)
there is a school for the deaf in Philly that has recently started a program for central auditory processing deficits because they may benefit from similar instruction as the deaf.

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:50:26 PM)
And I would get frustrated. And I had about 6 months of guilt and mourning after we got his diagnosis.

debbie (ID=23) (Oct 2, 2001 8:50:37 PM)
oh really cdd??? what is the name of the school do you know?

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:50:50 PM)
We started signing with Greg. What a difference.

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:51:29 PM)
I teach my son at home now and I use some of my skills I learned in school to teach the deaf. He has progressed wonderfully

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:51:51 PM)
I have been fighting to have CAPD classified under hearing impairment in my county

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 8:52:05 PM)
my daughter was talking at an early age

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 8:52:25 PM)
it wasn't till school that i noticed something

cdd (ID=25) (Oct 2, 2001 8:52:33 PM)
the school is run by the Archdiosise of the Catholic church of Philadelphia, Pa but it is physically located in Delaware County, PA

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:52:56 PM)
Greg's speech problems (most) went away after he was amplified by an auditory trainer. I kept telling the speech therapist that speech wasn't his main problem. Just an effect of a bigger one.

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:53:31 PM)
After 3 years, she finally agreed with me once she saw his scores on all 4 tests we had done.

debbie (ID=23) (Oct 2, 2001 8:54:50 PM)
cdd if you have any detailed info or contact info for the school, i'd appreciate it if you could email with it at

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:55:01 PM)
Greg is very visual, just as deaf/hearing impaired children are. He loves sign too. I h ave a friend of mine who has a son with apraxia and they are using it in his preschool class for simple things like "I need the bathroom" or water, or whatever.

cdd (ID=25) (Oct 2, 2001 8:55:16 PM)
CAPD won't be classified under hearing impairment because of the definition of hearing impared under the IDEA

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:55:27 PM)
I found that out.

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:56:04 PM)
If I wear glasses because my eyes don't work, I am concidered "visually impaired", why can't it be the same?

debbie (ID=23) (Oct 2, 2001 8:56:28 PM)
but in the state of florida the department of education just issued a technical assistance paper on APD that may be a good beginning@

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:56:35 PM)
Does it truly matter where the signals get crossed? I get sooo frustrated with that,.

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:57:22 PM)
I ray of hope. I hope all the schools will look at that. That is something I need to add in my letter to the "TODAY Show".

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 8:57:46 PM)
do any of you have problems with the IEP

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 8:58:01 PM)
the teachers don't like to follow it

cdd (ID=25) (Oct 2, 2001 8:58:06 PM)
my daughter is classified as communication impaired because she has a problem with syntax and grammer along with phonemic decoding deficit but it is probably the CAPD that causes the syntax problem

debbie (ID=23) (Oct 2, 2001 8:58:10 PM)
be right back

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:58:50 PM)

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 8:59:14 PM)
i get so frustrated with their system

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 8:59:21 PM)
They are always trying to mess with it and they fight like animals to keep anything of any expense off it.

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 8:59:44 PM)
cami's isn't very long

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 8:59:56 PM)
the things are very simple and cheap

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 9:00:25 PM)
and yet they always forget to look at

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 9:00:31 PM)
I know of some counties that are great. When we lived in Fairfax county we had a teacher coming into our home in the mornings to help him. We moved to Fauqueir and we have speech twice a week for a half hour with a number of kids.

cdd (ID=25) (Oct 2, 2001 9:00:32 PM)
CAPD is hearing perception problems...visual perception problems are not considered visually impaired...impairments in perception are very hidden problems that schools don't want to deal with

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 9:01:14 PM)
I can see that, but every county is different.

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 9:01:31 PM)
and every state

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 9:01:48 PM)
i really worry about next year

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 9:01:57 PM)
she goes to jr high

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 9:02:15 PM)
if they can't keep it straight now what happens then

debbie (ID=23) (Oct 2, 2001 9:02:20 PM)
i live in florida where they just came out with the tech assistance paper and i had to go to due process this summer jus tto get independent testing which is a fundamental right under IDEA! Depends where you live at

debbie (ID=23) (Oct 2, 2001 9:03:16 PM)
they approved the tech assistance about 30 days after our due process settlement

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 9:03:30 PM)
They just passed laws in VA. that if you homeschool your special needs child you aren't allow access to any special services.

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 9:03:39 PM)
and then my 4yr old goes to kindergarten and she is bipolar

cdd (ID=25) (Oct 2, 2001 9:03:46 PM)
debbie I will look for the name of that school for the dear that Has a CAPD program and will e-mail it to you. Ladies I love the support and chat,,,God Bless

debbie (ID=23) (Oct 2, 2001 9:04:54 PM)
cdd thank you

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 9:04:55 PM)
good night

debbie (ID=23) (Oct 2, 2001 9:05:12 PM)
cdd, please come back again

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 9:05:14 PM)
good night

cdd (ID=25) (Oct 2, 2001 9:06:14 PM)
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debbie (ID=23) (Oct 2, 2001 9:06:47 PM)
i am goign to have to cut out early friend is starting to stir and i need to get her some pain medicine and get her ready to settle in for the night

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 9:07:07 PM)
good night debbie

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 9:07:11 PM)
YOu have a good night then.,

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 9:07:17 PM)
See you next week?

debbie (ID=23) (Oct 2, 2001 9:07:34 PM)
yes i will be here! you ladies are welcome to stay in the chat and talk

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 9:07:44 PM)
how often are you all here

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 9:07:49 PM)

debbie (ID=23) (Oct 2, 2001 9:08:05 PM)
please dont leave because i have to...there is a chat every tuesday night and the 1st and 3rd tuesday am of the month

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 9:08:24 PM)
thank you

debbie (ID=23) (Oct 2, 2001 9:08:28 PM)
in the morning chat, dr j hosts the chat and answers questions

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 9:08:31 PM)
No problem. I

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 9:08:46 PM)
was going to stay on a little longer.

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 9:08:48 PM)
that is good to know ty

debbie (ID=23) (Oct 2, 2001 9:09:18 PM)
there is an email list on the NCapd website that you can join that sends out chat announcements

debbie (ID=23) (Oct 2, 2001 9:09:23 PM)
night night

debbie (ID=23) (Oct 2, 2001 9:09:25 PM)
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lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 9:09:29 PM)
Carroll do you work outside the home?

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 9:09:38 PM)

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 9:10:10 PM)
I am staying home teaching my 3 kids. I use to teach and interpret for hearing impaired children.

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 9:10:10 PM)
i had to quit my job about 3 yrs ago

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 9:10:28 PM)
Did you get hurt?

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 9:10:31 PM)
i have a 10yr old

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 9:10:44 PM)
and then the 4yr old is bipolar

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 9:10:54 PM)
and now a baby

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 9:11:04 PM)
Mine is 9. But I also, have 6 year old, and an 11 year old.

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 9:11:17 PM)
how old?

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 9:11:36 PM)
15 months...the baby

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 9:11:50 PM)
wow!!! you are busy!!

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 9:11:52 PM)
cami was dx in 2nd grade

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 9:12:38 PM)
when was yours dx

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 9:12:49 PM)
Greg was in kindergarten for the 2nd time before he was dxed.

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 9:13:11 PM)
I finally had to take him myself.

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 9:13:22 PM)
i was asking for help in kindergarten

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 9:13:40 PM)
I am soo glad I did. How did you learn so your that your 4 year old has bipolar?

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 9:13:55 PM)
I started asking for help at 3 years.

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 9:14:03 PM)
kept going to one dr after another

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 9:14:21 PM)
then video tapped a "normal" day

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 9:14:28 PM)
I knew something was wrong when he knew what socks were one day and then didn't understand what they were the next day.

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 9:14:43 PM)
oh, man. Very big swings?

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 9:14:47 PM)
wow lynne

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 9:14:51 PM)
yes huge

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 9:15:12 PM)
usually with in 15mins of each other

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 9:15:47 PM)
cami was talking at a young age

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 9:16:06 PM)
when school started she just seemed lost

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 9:16:24 PM)
Greg was like apuppy the other kids just ordered around.

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 9:17:00 PM)
in 1st grade when her dad and i were seperated it was because single parents can't raise smart kids

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 9:17:12 PM)
He didn't have any friends, and he didn't play with the other kids. He would simply "parallel play" meaning he would play along side them but he wouldn't engage them in conversation or interaction.

dolfrog (ID=27) (Oct 2, 2001 9:17:21 PM)
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carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 9:17:41 PM)
that had to be so sad for you lynne

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 9:17:42 PM)
Hi Dolfrog

dolfrog (ID=27) (Oct 2, 2001 9:17:44 PM)
hi all

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 9:17:47 PM)
how are you tongiht.

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 9:17:50 PM)
hello dolfrog

dolfrog (ID=27) (Oct 2, 2001 9:17:51 PM)

dolfrog (ID=27) (Oct 2, 2001 9:18:21 PM)
debbie will be late so she said

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 9:19:17 PM)
You know Carroll, it was worse than I can even describe to you. The teacher wound up teating Greg badly. So much so , she took his Valentine's out of his backpack and told him he didn't have any for the other kids

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 9:19:26 PM)
Debbie was here and had to leave;.

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 9:20:00 PM)
o lynne that is so sad...makes me want to cry

dolfrog (ID=27) (Oct 2, 2001 9:20:02 PM)
not to worry

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 9:20:34 PM)
how can teachers like that be allowed around our kids!!

dolfrog (ID=27) (Oct 2, 2001 9:20:53 PM)
I have a house of 4 APDs and no wifet to help she is in hospital for 4 days

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 9:21:21 PM)
She said and did some awful things to my son. He use to cray everyday and beg me not to send him there. I now homeschool and Greg took his state tests this May and came in the gifted and talented bracket.

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 9:21:27 PM)
is she alright

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 9:21:29 PM)
ohmy gosh!!!!

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 9:21:41 PM)
You need all the prayers possible!!

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 9:21:58 PM)
that is great news lynne

dolfrog (ID=27) (Oct 2, 2001 9:21:59 PM)
just a hystorectomy

dolfrog (ID=27) (Oct 2, 2001 9:22:25 PM)
problem is i am an APD as well

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 9:22:25 PM)

dolfrog (ID=27) (Oct 2, 2001 9:22:47 PM)
well nothing life threatening

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 9:23:33 PM)
oh good. I have a funny story about a friend of mine having one.

dolfrog (ID=27) (Oct 2, 2001 9:23:46 PM)
she has had surgery and is making a good recovery so far, but not able todo much for another 6 weeks

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 9:23:53 PM)
she had 3 kids had her tubes tied. The had number 4 a year later.

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 9:24:06 PM)
that is not very funny

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 9:24:17 PM)
then got them retied, and her husband had a surgery. number 5 was born a year and a half later.

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 9:24:18 PM)
my hubby had himself snipped

dolfrog (ID=27) (Oct 2, 2001 9:24:21 PM)
that is almost how we got number 3

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 9:24:38 PM)
then we had number 3

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 9:24:39 PM)
she finally got a FREE hysterectomy from the DR.

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 9:25:12 PM)
that is funny lynne

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 9:25:16 PM)
no you're right it isn't "funny" but they have turned out to be blessings in disguise.

dolfrog (ID=27) (Oct 2, 2001 9:25:42 PM)
that is how we look at no 3

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 9:26:22 PM)
how old are all you APD's, dolfrog?

dolfrog (ID=27) (Oct 2, 2001 9:26:24 PM)
mind you all of ours are APD

dolfrog (ID=27) (Oct 2, 2001 9:26:42 PM)
47, 13, 8, 3

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 9:27:05 PM)
my oldest is APD, my middle is bipolar and so far the baby is "normal"

dolfrog (ID=27) (Oct 2, 2001 9:27:35 PM)
I have a family history of APD

dolfrog (ID=27) (Oct 2, 2001 9:28:18 PM)
i can notice it at least 3 generations back from me

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 9:28:26 PM)
we don't have a family history

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 9:28:33 PM)
wow dolfrog

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 9:28:43 PM)
i had no idea

dolfrog (ID=27) (Oct 2, 2001 9:28:57 PM)
thatr is why we have the old APDs

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 9:29:07 PM)
I can trace ours back only one generation

dolfrog (ID=27) (Oct 2, 2001 9:29:18 PM)
most adults find out via their kids being diagnosed

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 9:30:15 PM)
I have one kid who is a real pain in the butt, I can trace that back to my husbands side too.hahaha

dolfrog (ID=27) (Oct 2, 2001 9:30:20 PM)
it happened to me i was 44 when found out the true nature of my disability

dolfrog (ID=27) (Oct 2, 2001 9:30:55 PM)
i put that down to my poor wife lol

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 9:31:03 PM)
There are times I can see myself in my sone.

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 9:31:10 PM)

dolfrog (ID=27) (Oct 2, 2001 9:31:23 PM)
typo live on here as well

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 9:31:37 PM)

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 9:32:05 PM)
I have a weird question for you. Are good at sports?

dolfrog (ID=27) (Oct 2, 2001 9:32:20 PM)
on the OldAPDs typos are overlooked and rambling is compulsory

dolfrog (ID=27) (Oct 2, 2001 9:32:37 PM)
I was

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 9:32:44 PM)
My son is a wow in karate

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 9:32:59 PM)
they say he can "see" the whole person at one time

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 9:33:03 PM)
It's weird.

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 9:33:22 PM)
I am wondering if it's because he is so visual

dolfrog (ID=27) (Oct 2, 2001 9:33:29 PM)
My 8 year old is brilliant at soccer, the 13 was a bit clumsey but is now into athletics

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 9:33:55 PM)
Mine is 2nd VA. state. His balance is wonderful.

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 9:34:13 PM)
that is great lynne

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 9:34:50 PM)
It seems to come easy to him. At least something does:0) He loves it. He can truly shine in class.

dolfrog (ID=27) (Oct 2, 2001 9:34:53 PM)
Visual games are great, but those which involve too many others can bwe a problem

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 9:34:59 PM)
Is your's in sports Carroll?

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 9:35:17 PM)

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 9:35:18 PM)
I could see that.

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 9:35:32 PM)
she can't seem to find anything that she likes

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 9:35:36 PM)
on the games that is, dolfrog

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 9:35:39 PM)

Lisa (ID=28) (Oct 2, 2001 9:35:55 PM)
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dolfrog (ID=27) (Oct 2, 2001 9:36:08 PM)
hi lisa

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 9:36:08 PM)
hi Lisa

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 9:36:15 PM)
how are you?

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 9:36:29 PM)
right now she is sooo emotional that i'm not pushing any

Lisa (ID=28) (Oct 2, 2001 9:36:33 PM)
Hi How is everyoe tonight

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 9:36:33 PM)
hi lisa

dolfrog (ID=27) (Oct 2, 2001 9:36:45 PM)

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 9:36:58 PM)
dolfrog, what do you find is your biggest daily challenge. And don't say having 5 apd's in one house.

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 9:37:26 PM)
I am going to pick your brains to help our household.

dolfrog (ID=27) (Oct 2, 2001 9:37:30 PM)
working out what to do the day before

Lisa (ID=28) (Oct 2, 2001 9:37:51 PM)
dolfrog is oranizational skills still a struggle as a adult?

dolfrog (ID=27) (Oct 2, 2001 9:37:59 PM)

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 9:38:04 PM)
mine has started to do things like that. If he has karate that day, he puts his uniform out that moring.

dolfrog (ID=27) (Oct 2, 2001 9:38:25 PM)
i have my wife as my diary to remind me about daily events

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 9:38:31 PM)
He will repeat a request before he acts on it.

dolfrog (ID=27) (Oct 2, 2001 9:38:42 PM)
i have a bad short term memeory

Lisa (ID=28) (Oct 2, 2001 9:38:57 PM)
Dolfrog, what can we do to help our children be more organized?

dolfrog (ID=27) (Oct 2, 2001 9:39:17 PM)
that is so he understand

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 9:39:19 PM)
it was nice chatting with you

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 9:39:28 PM)
have a good night

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 9:39:36 PM)
If we ask him something he will repeat what we have asked and sometimes we can hear him repeating what he hears us say under his breathe.

dolfrog (ID=27) (Oct 2, 2001 9:39:39 PM)
bye carroll

carroll (ID=26) (Oct 2, 2001 9:39:40 PM)
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lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 9:39:42 PM)
good night Carroll

Lisa (ID=28) (Oct 2, 2001 9:39:44 PM)

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 9:40:37 PM)
I better get going too. I have to get up early and school them. I homeschool all 3 of mine.

dolfrog (ID=27) (Oct 2, 2001 9:41:30 PM)
written check lists, but the best thing is to let the APD organise an area of a room for themselves and not let anyoneelse move anything that way we remeber where everything is in one area of the house and we can work our way around it

lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 9:42:02 PM)
Thanks for the tip. See you all next week:0)

dolfrog (ID=27) (Oct 2, 2001 9:42:24 PM)
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dolfrog (ID=29) (Oct 2, 2001 9:42:29 PM)
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lynne (ID=24) (Oct 2, 2001 9:42:40 PM)
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Lisa (ID=28) (Oct 2, 2001 9:42:42 PM)
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dolfrog (ID=29) (Oct 2, 2001 9:43:08 PM)
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dolfrog (ID=30) (Oct 2, 2001 9:45:10 PM)
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dolfrog (ID=30) (Oct 2, 2001 9:47:18 PM)
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hc (ID=31) (Oct 2, 2001 9:59:32 PM)
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hc (ID=31) (Oct 2, 2001 10:00:40 PM)
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hc (ID=31) (Oct 2, 2001 10:01:08 PM)
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hc (ID=31) (Oct 2, 2001 10:02:15 PM)
Dear Dr,

hc (ID=31) (Oct 2, 2001 10:10:08 PM)
Dear dr I have a question regarding my son he has been testeted last year and they presume he has capd. He did really well last year in the four year old program but this year he has regressed his speech therapist says he has trouble with words that sound the same and he also has aproblem called slow rise timeshe wants me to have him retested since they did not have a successfull hearing test they could not get him to respond properly. My question is his speech teacher is not sure why he is regressing and she wants to know how to get him past these two problems he is having. His father is in the military and is away overseas and I wonder if this is playing a part in the problem . Also he has the earobics cd are there any other things I could get to work with him HELP thanks

hc (ID=31) (Oct 2, 2001 10:15:40 PM)
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hc (ID=31) (Oct 2, 2001 10:15:40 PM)
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hc (ID=31) (Oct 2, 2001 10:16:39 PM)
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anna (ID=32) (Oct 2, 2001 11:55:05 PM)
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anna (ID=32) (Oct 2, 2001 11:55:41 PM)
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