debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 8:03:44 PM)
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mamawooleybear (ID=2) (Jul 3, 2001 8:11:19 PM)
(This user has entered CAPD: From the Heart) (IP =

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 8:11:38 PM)
hye mamawooleybear!

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 8:11:42 PM)
How are you tonight?

mamawooleybear (ID=2) (Jul 3, 2001 8:11:45 PM)

mamawooleybear (ID=2) (Jul 3, 2001 8:11:55 PM)
not bad

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 8:11:59 PM)
I was just finishing up something..can yougive me just a sec?

mamawooleybear (ID=2) (Jul 3, 2001 8:12:06 PM)
got jill's results from testing

mamawooleybear (ID=2) (Jul 3, 2001 8:12:11 PM)

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 8:12:15 PM)
i'll hurry!

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 8:15:20 PM)
How did Jill's test results go?

mamawooleybear (ID=2) (Jul 3, 2001 8:15:51 PM)
she had real problems with anything where ther was different things in each ear

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 8:16:08 PM)
what recommendations were made for you?

mamawooleybear (ID=2) (Jul 3, 2001 8:16:17 PM)
They are mailing me a copy of their report they are sending to the school

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 8:16:43 PM)
Can you remind me who tested her?

mamawooleybear (ID=2) (Jul 3, 2001 8:16:56 PM)
Ole Miss

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 8:17:23 PM)
Did they give you any indication on how to proceed?

mamawooleybear (ID=2) (Jul 3, 2001 8:18:22 PM)
They are recomending an fm system, preferential seating, some sort of confirmation process where the teacher can know if Jill got what she is saying

mamawooleybear (ID=2) (Jul 3, 2001 8:19:07 PM)
oh and assertiveness training to teach Jill how to let people know when she doesn't get it

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 8:19:11 PM)
Is the teach to have jill repeat or paraphrase?

mamawooleybear (ID=2) (Jul 3, 2001 8:19:42 PM)
we have not gotten as far as discussing details with the school yet

mamawooleybear (ID=2) (Jul 3, 2001 8:20:02 PM)
but that would make sense

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 8:20:32 PM)
The reason I"m asking is Sarah can repeat, but that dont mean she understands

mamawooleybear (ID=2) (Jul 3, 2001 8:20:44 PM)
the tutoring she has had this summer has done wonders for her self confidence

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 8:21:17 PM)
that's good!!! Sarah started an "author study" at school's only two weeks, but is to workon reading and writing

mamawooleybear (ID=2) (Jul 3, 2001 8:22:36 PM)
she's having a fit roght now 'cause the other 'puter isn't working right and she can't play math munchers

mamawooleybear (ID=2) (Jul 3, 2001 8:23:08 PM)
couldn't pass 1st grade but doing 3-6 grade math on this game

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 8:23:16 PM)
Im excited that we are getting another computer this week that we intend to use just for the girls and their games.

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 8:23:41 PM)
putting the problems in aformat the kids can understand (like the games) makes it soooooooooooo much easier for them!

mamawooleybear (ID=2) (Jul 3, 2001 8:24:13 PM)
This one was my mother's and it is my son's now but he is working this summer and not using it much

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 8:24:41 PM)
my sister got me a great deal on a used computer, but it has everything the kids could need

mamawooleybear (ID=2) (Jul 3, 2001 8:24:46 PM)
It is also visual wich is a big plus for Jill

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 8:25:25 PM)
that helps sarah too

mamawooleybear (ID=2) (Jul 3, 2001 8:25:33 PM)
I guess this one will go off with Tim to college in 2 more years yikes!!

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 8:25:42 PM)
i got the letter from the school on saturday saying we are going to due process finally

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 8:25:48 PM)

mamawooleybear (ID=2) (Jul 3, 2001 8:27:39 PM)
I was reading a book about techniques to use with visual learners. I tried some with Jill and they worked She was spelling 9, 10 and 11 letter words in a few just a little while

mamawooleybear (ID=2) (Jul 3, 2001 8:27:52 PM)
frontwards and backwards

mamawooleybear (ID=2) (Jul 3, 2001 8:28:17 PM)
Where is everybody? on vacation?

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 8:28:30 PM)
I'm not sure. What was the name of the book you were using?

mamawooleybear (ID=2) (Jul 3, 2001 8:29:15 PM)
Right Brained Children in a Left Brained World

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 8:29:40 PM)
Was it an expensive book?

mamawooleybear (ID=2) (Jul 3, 2001 8:30:29 PM)
it also describes how to teaach a child to read by sight instead of phonics. nah 11.50$ at booksamillion

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 8:31:10 PM)
I may have to look for that..sounds like a good book at a great price

mamawooleybear (ID=2) (Jul 3, 2001 8:32:08 PM)
I have found every thing i've tried with Jill to work better than anything at school worked last year

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 8:33:11 PM)
I'm working on a program called "Great Leaps"..the program I have is actually for younger kids,,but there are some area's that will present a few challenges for Sarah

mamawooleybear (ID=2) (Jul 3, 2001 8:33:50 PM)
i don't guess i've heard of that.What is it?

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 8:35:00 PM)
You can find info on it online at It's a reading program that breaks words down into give the sounds and they put them together to form the words....all the way up to having them read one page stories..and you mark error in reading..they are working on fluency....

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 8:35:18 PM)
you only work on it about 5 to 10 min per day...but every day

Diane (ID=3) (Jul 3, 2001 8:35:19 PM)
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mamawooleybear (ID=2) (Jul 3, 2001 8:35:27 PM)
hi Diane

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 8:35:30 PM)
hi Diane

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 8:35:43 PM)
The program's focus if fluency and accuracy.

Diane (ID=3) (Jul 3, 2001 8:35:56 PM)
Hi everyone

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 8:36:20 PM)
HOw are you tonight Diane?

lynne (ID=4) (Jul 3, 2001 8:36:25 PM)
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Diane (ID=3) (Jul 3, 2001 8:36:36 PM)
Okay thanks and you ?

mamawooleybear (ID=2) (Jul 3, 2001 8:36:37 PM)
the book I have puts more emphasis on comprehension that oral reading

mamawooleybear (ID=2) (Jul 3, 2001 8:36:46 PM)
hi Lynne

lynne (ID=4) (Jul 3, 2001 8:37:01 PM)
hi all

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 8:37:07 PM)
Im doign some other workbook for comprehension.

Diane (ID=3) (Jul 3, 2001 8:37:08 PM)
hi lynne

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 8:37:15 PM)
hi Lynne! How are you tonight?

lynne (ID=4) (Jul 3, 2001 8:37:22 PM)
I have some bragging news.

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 8:37:31 PM)
Did you all get the announcement about the Chat with Dr J being on Friday this week?

mamawooleybear (ID=2) (Jul 3, 2001 8:37:33 PM)
what lynne

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 8:37:36 PM)
what's up Lynne?

lynne (ID=4) (Jul 3, 2001 8:37:58 PM)
I just got back my son's testing (that all homeschoolers have to do at the end of the year) and we got the test results back.

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 8:38:07 PM)

mamawooleybear (ID=2) (Jul 3, 2001 8:38:11 PM)
yes I got that message debbie

lynne (ID=4) (Jul 3, 2001 8:38:13 PM)
he is in the 88th percentile in the nation.

mamawooleybear (ID=2) (Jul 3, 2001 8:38:26 PM)
wonderful lynne

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 8:38:29 PM)
lynne that is fantastic! congrats!

Diane (ID=3) (Jul 3, 2001 8:38:34 PM)
wonderful news lynne !!!!

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 8:38:49 PM)
so nice to hear success stories!

lynne (ID=4) (Jul 3, 2001 8:38:53 PM)
out of 6 tests he got one perfect score in language and one perfect score in math

mamawooleybear (ID=2) (Jul 3, 2001 8:39:23 PM)
way to go

lynne (ID=4) (Jul 3, 2001 8:39:30 PM)
This is a kid who was put in the lowest functioning classes because of his processing problems.

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 8:39:47 PM)
lynne you must be walking on cloud 9

Diane (ID=3) (Jul 3, 2001 8:39:58 PM)
lynne that is so ghreat good for him and good for you :)

lynne (ID=4) (Jul 3, 2001 8:40:03 PM)
His Stanine scores (every one of them) came back in the gifted and talented range.

lynne (ID=4) (Jul 3, 2001 8:40:16 PM)
I truly am!!!

lynne (ID=4) (Jul 3, 2001 8:40:37 PM)
He has worked soooo hard this year. I never expected our first year to end this well.

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 8:40:38 PM)
you have every right to brag

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 8:40:51 PM)
has any one in here gone to due process?

lynne (ID=4) (Jul 3, 2001 8:40:55 PM)
ok, I am done:) I feel good.

lynne (ID=4) (Jul 3, 2001 8:41:00 PM)

Diane (ID=3) (Jul 3, 2001 8:41:04 PM)

lynne (ID=4) (Jul 3, 2001 8:41:11 PM)
what is it?

lynne (ID=4) (Jul 3, 2001 8:41:18 PM)
like an IEP?

mamawooleybear (ID=2) (Jul 3, 2001 8:41:18 PM)
why do schools have such a problem addressing disablities so kids can be their best

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 8:41:28 PM)
legal proceedings with the school district

lynne (ID=4) (Jul 3, 2001 8:41:34 PM)
soooo true.

mamawooleybear (ID=2) (Jul 3, 2001 8:41:36 PM)
no no due process.

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 8:41:43 PM)
over disagreements on testing or placement

Diane (ID=3) (Jul 3, 2001 8:41:47 PM)
are you getting ready to do that debbie?

mamawooleybear (ID=2) (Jul 3, 2001 8:41:51 PM)
but it is a distinct possibility

Steph in Aus (ID=5) (Jul 3, 2001 8:41:56 PM)
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mamawooleybear (ID=2) (Jul 3, 2001 8:42:03 PM)
hi steph

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 8:42:04 PM)
yes i am. I got the official letter on Saturday

Steph in Aus (ID=5) (Jul 3, 2001 8:42:07 PM)
hi all

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 8:42:08 PM)
hi Steph

Diane (ID=3) (Jul 3, 2001 8:42:19 PM)
hi Steph

lynne (ID=4) (Jul 3, 2001 8:42:28 PM)
I was always up there argueing with them over something. Only one time did we actually start with court proceeding.

Diane (ID=3) (Jul 3, 2001 8:42:31 PM)
Oh debbie when ??

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 8:42:32 PM)
Steph..did you get in touch with my friend Deb?

lynne (ID=4) (Jul 3, 2001 8:42:36 PM)

Steph in Aus (ID=5) (Jul 3, 2001 8:42:51 PM)
Yes I did and she has started a great web page

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 8:42:54 PM)
I dont have the date yet......must admit i'm nervous as can be....

Steph in Aus (ID=5) (Jul 3, 2001 8:43:12 PM)
she plans on comming over to a conference in August

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 8:43:16 PM)
great Steph!! She's a wonderful lady. I"m looking forwarding to seeing her when she comes back to the states!

Diane (ID=3) (Jul 3, 2001 8:43:19 PM)
let us know so we can send positive thoughts

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 8:43:26 PM)
I"m picking her up at the airport!

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 8:43:39 PM)
Diane, I'll make sure to let you all know!

lynne (ID=4) (Jul 3, 2001 8:43:48 PM)
One other thing I have to say is if someone is considering homeschooling their CAPD child, I would be free to answer any questions or concerns they might have.

mamawooleybear (ID=2) (Jul 3, 2001 8:44:13 PM)
I wish I could lynne but i have to work

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 8:44:16 PM)
Lynne...would you consider hosting a chat on homeschooling?

Steph in Aus (ID=5) (Jul 3, 2001 8:44:17 PM)
ohh you home school

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 8:44:51 PM)
Steph I"m happy you figured out the time difference to join us!

lynne (ID=4) (Jul 3, 2001 8:44:56 PM)
yes. I really would. I have to say, this is a child they said might not ever read and I am looking at his scores and saying, WOW he blew away the test.

Steph in Aus (ID=5) (Jul 3, 2001 8:44:57 PM)
can i ask you guys a question - what scores did you get on the scan tests?

Steph in Aus (ID=5) (Jul 3, 2001 8:45:12 PM)
Im haveing problems with the school

lynne (ID=4) (Jul 3, 2001 8:45:22 PM)
Greg's scans came in the 2%

Diane (ID=3) (Jul 3, 2001 8:45:24 PM)
lynne how old is your son again?

lynne (ID=4) (Jul 3, 2001 8:45:32 PM)
he is 8

Diane (ID=3) (Jul 3, 2001 8:45:43 PM)
mine is 9 almost 10

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 8:45:46 PM)
is home schooling an option in Australia? (dont mean to sound ignorant, just not familiar with your schools)

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 8:45:57 PM)
Sarah turned 10 on Sunday

mamawooleybear (ID=2) (Jul 3, 2001 8:46:01 PM)
Jill is 7

Diane (ID=3) (Jul 3, 2001 8:46:13 PM)
boy they grow up fast :(

Steph in Aus (ID=5) (Jul 3, 2001 8:46:18 PM)
yes you can and some do but i worry about it as an option because of the social aspects these kids already have difficulties with

lynne (ID=4) (Jul 3, 2001 8:46:21 PM)
I believe so. All you have to do is order the books and sign a waiver in the US. to homeschool.

lynne (ID=4) (Jul 3, 2001 8:46:29 PM)
I bet it might be the same.

lynne (ID=4) (Jul 3, 2001 8:47:05 PM)
I think that too but then again, my son was crying every morning and being made fun of and was the butt of every joke and being bullied.

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 8:47:06 PM)
Steph have you met Deb and Dave in person? Im not sure how far apart you are

mamawooleybear (ID=2) (Jul 3, 2001 8:47:13 PM)
too fast Diane my older one goes to college in 2 years

Steph in Aus (ID=5) (Jul 3, 2001 8:47:22 PM)
Cathy is actually very bright and part of the problem with the school is that even though she has very slow processing speeds and is in the 5% they wont take it seriously!!!

Diane (ID=3) (Jul 3, 2001 8:47:28 PM)
oh my mama :(

lynne (ID=4) (Jul 3, 2001 8:47:43 PM)
I wouldn't set myself up in that environment, I sure wasn't about to keep doing it to my son.

Steph in Aus (ID=5) (Jul 3, 2001 8:47:49 PM)
No i have not met her she is about a 20 hour drive from here

lynne (ID=4) (Jul 3, 2001 8:48:11 PM)
I think the 5% is not something to ignore.

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 8:48:49 PM)
It's amazing no matter what part of the world you are's the same story

lynne (ID=4) (Jul 3, 2001 8:48:49 PM)
Legally in VA. if you have a medical paper stating what your child needs the schools can't ignore it.

Steph in Aus (ID=5) (Jul 3, 2001 8:48:51 PM)
well i do to but the schools responce was "all children have processing problems - thats why teachers repeat questions"

Steph in Aus (ID=5) (Jul 3, 2001 8:49:36 PM)
I think schools are in denial bigger than our husbands - :) (just joking guys!)

lynne (ID=4) (Jul 3, 2001 8:49:36 PM)
Steph, do you have parent advocates where you live?

lynne (ID=4) (Jul 3, 2001 8:49:47 PM)
they are like special ed. lawyers.

Diane (ID=3) (Jul 3, 2001 8:49:59 PM)
debbie I was thinking the same thing

mamawooleybear (ID=2) (Jul 3, 2001 8:50:15 PM)
ggrrrr schools are sssooo frustrating and we are the adults no wonder our kids have roblems

lynne (ID=4) (Jul 3, 2001 8:50:18 PM)
Why is it men take it a person asault on their "manhood"?

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 8:50:18 PM)
want to hear something kind of ironic?

lynne (ID=4) (Jul 3, 2001 8:50:44 PM)

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 8:50:44 PM)
i have to say my hubby is wonderfully supportive!

Steph in Aus (ID=5) (Jul 3, 2001 8:50:44 PM)
no not that im aware of .... I have contacted the Board of Independant Schools to check out my rights but am reluctant to get them involved until i have exhausted other options at the school

lynne (ID=4) (Jul 3, 2001 8:51:14 PM)
My school dragged it's feet until I got the advocate.

Diane (ID=3) (Jul 3, 2001 8:51:29 PM)
mine is too but I really wonder if he" gets it "

lynne (ID=4) (Jul 3, 2001 8:51:31 PM)
then it was amazing how quick their butts could move.

Steph in Aus (ID=5) (Jul 3, 2001 8:51:31 PM)

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 8:51:39 PM)
because of all the fights i've been going through wiht my school district and working with another agency to start a local support group, I"ve been asked to speak briefly at a disabilty rally on the importanct of being a good advocate for your child

mamawooleybear (ID=2) (Jul 3, 2001 8:51:44 PM)
lol lynne

Steph in Aus (ID=5) (Jul 3, 2001 8:51:52 PM)
debbie glad to hear it! good for him

Diane (ID=3) (Jul 3, 2001 8:51:59 PM)
debbie thats wonderful :)

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 8:52:30 PM)
I was shocked and thought they were kidding at first..*LOL*

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 8:52:51 PM)
The rally is called "Spirit of the ADA"....should be interesting

mamawooleybear (ID=2) (Jul 3, 2001 8:52:53 PM)
my hubby went to his mother's church and told off a know it al retired teacher who was saying Jill just wanted to be bad and just neede a good spanking to make her listen

lynne (ID=4) (Jul 3, 2001 8:53:13 PM)
Nothing like a

Steph in Aus (ID=5) (Jul 3, 2001 8:53:15 PM)
i think that s great! people are so unaware of CAPD issues and so many parents are in denial

lynne (ID=4) (Jul 3, 2001 8:54:03 PM)
And soooo many are medicating their kids for this too.

Steph in Aus (ID=5) (Jul 3, 2001 8:54:13 PM)
I went in to the school to do OT testing with Cathy and there were so many kids in that class that looked like they had issues! Sad too because you cant herl them

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 8:54:18 PM)
btw everyone...NCAPD Polo shirts should be available to order in the next few weeks...I have some and you wouldnt believe how many people will ask about what the NCAPD stands and open door to conversation

lynne (ID=4) (Jul 3, 2001 8:54:22 PM)
which my understanding is their is no med that wil help with this.

lynne (ID=4) (Jul 3, 2001 8:54:52 PM)
I would love one.

mamawooleybear (ID=2) (Jul 3, 2001 8:54:53 PM)
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Diane (ID=3) (Jul 3, 2001 8:54:59 PM)
cool debbie

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 8:55:08 PM)
they will be in black, white, gold and grey

Steph in Aus (ID=5) (Jul 3, 2001 8:55:15 PM)
I have a freind who discouvered her daughter had processing issues - BIG ONES - but she is a bit AD/HD herself

lynne (ID=4) (Jul 3, 2001 8:55:39 PM)
I have told 3 people about CAPD and their kids were having trouble and didn't know where to go and they did the testing and 2 our of the 3 had it.

Steph in Aus (ID=5) (Jul 3, 2001 8:55:41 PM)
anyway she just cant get organised to help her kid and today she told me she will medicate - so sad

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 8:56:08 PM)
you've heard steph and i mention a lady named Deb tonight

lynne (ID=4) (Jul 3, 2001 8:56:23 PM)
AFter all I have heard about this ritalin, that is sad.

Steph in Aus (ID=5) (Jul 3, 2001 8:56:38 PM)
her son who is also AD/HD is on ritalin already and she just finds this easier - but unlucky for the kids

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 8:56:45 PM)
She is from Australia and came to the states to visit.....we met through a mutual friend and got to talking about Sarah and CAPD.....we became good friends while she was here..........................

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 8:57:01 PM)
she went back and had her son tested and found he had severe CAPD.....

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 8:57:22 PM)
it was the missing link they wre looking for and she had to go 1/2 round the world to find out by accident

Steph in Aus (ID=5) (Jul 3, 2001 8:57:22 PM)
do you know how big a processing issue he has?

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 8:57:39 PM)
Steph I believe it's pretty significant

Steph in Aus (ID=5) (Jul 3, 2001 8:58:19 PM)
that is one of the hardest things i find about this disorder - what is a big issue for one child is different for another

lynne (ID=4) (Jul 3, 2001 8:58:20 PM)
Who was it, who's child has the 5% scores?

Steph in Aus (ID=5) (Jul 3, 2001 8:58:30 PM)
Cathy does

lynne (ID=4) (Jul 3, 2001 8:58:30 PM)
so true.

lynne (ID=4) (Jul 3, 2001 8:58:44 PM)
oh. Hs she tried an auditory trainer?

lynne (ID=4) (Jul 3, 2001 8:59:27 PM)
my son had it and in 2 months and made wonderful progress.

Steph in Aus (ID=5) (Jul 3, 2001 8:59:34 PM)
I just went through some interesting stuff with the lady that helps cathy

lynne (ID=4) (Jul 3, 2001 8:59:44 PM)
Then we pulled him out and homeschooled him so there is no need for it now.

Steph in Aus (ID=5) (Jul 3, 2001 9:00:05 PM)
i had printed off the net a comparrison sheet that talked about different listening therapies and there benifits

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 9:00:19 PM)
Ladies I've got to cut out early tonight. I have to be up at 3:30 and dindt get a chance for a nap today. Was out and about with Sarah and she got real sick. Been a super long day

lynne (ID=4) (Jul 3, 2001 9:00:36 PM)
good night. Happy 4th

Steph in Aus (ID=5) (Jul 3, 2001 9:00:36 PM)
we had a long talk about the various benifits of each and she was very informative

Steph in Aus (ID=5) (Jul 3, 2001 9:00:53 PM)

Diane (ID=3) (Jul 3, 2001 9:00:54 PM)
night debbie i have to go too big day tomorrow

Steph in Aus (ID=5) (Jul 3, 2001 9:01:00 PM)
have a good sleep

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 9:01:14 PM)
We are working regular schedule. See you all in the chat Friday am.

Diane (ID=3) (Jul 3, 2001 9:01:20 PM)
night all see you next week :)

Steph in Aus (ID=5) (Jul 3, 2001 9:01:28 PM)
waht time is that for me

Diane (ID=3) (Jul 3, 2001 9:01:30 PM)
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debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 9:01:55 PM)
Steph it's 9 pm EST on east coast now.

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 9:02:02 PM)
so i have to be up in 6 hours or so

Steph in Aus (ID=5) (Jul 3, 2001 9:02:18 PM)
hmmmm i can never work this out

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 9:02:30 PM)
night night

Steph in Aus (ID=5) (Jul 3, 2001 9:02:34 PM)

debbie (ID=1) (Jul 3, 2001 9:02:41 PM)
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Steph in Aus (ID=5) (Jul 3, 2001 9:03:06 PM)
well lynne i geuss ill let you get to bed

lynne (ID=4) (Jul 3, 2001 9:03:17 PM)
When was your daughter tested?

Steph in Aus (ID=5) (Jul 3, 2001 9:03:20 PM)
nice catching up with you

lynne (ID=4) (Jul 3, 2001 9:03:24 PM)
and diagnosed.

lynne (ID=4) (Jul 3, 2001 9:03:28 PM)
ok, bye

Steph in Aus (ID=5) (Jul 3, 2001 9:03:35 PM)
last test was the beginning of the year

lynne (ID=4) (Jul 3, 2001 9:03:51 PM)
oh, what time is it in Aust?

Steph in Aus (ID=5) (Jul 3, 2001 9:04:04 PM)
she is going to be tested again next term

Steph in Aus (ID=5) (Jul 3, 2001 9:04:16 PM)
11am but i have to go to Samonas

Steph in Aus (ID=5) (Jul 3, 2001 9:04:35 PM)
ill try and work out the time difference to make the friday chat

Steph in Aus (ID=5) (Jul 3, 2001 9:04:41 PM)

Steph in Aus (ID=5) (Jul 3, 2001 9:04:44 PM)
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Carol (ID=6) (Jul 3, 2001 9:05:40 PM)
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lynne (ID=4) (Jul 3, 2001 9:05:41 PM)
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sami (ID=7) (Jul 3, 2001 9:05:59 PM)
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Carol (ID=6) (Jul 3, 2001 9:06:09 PM)
Hi Sami was just about to give up

sami (ID=7) (Jul 3, 2001 9:06:19 PM)
HI Carol.

sami (ID=7) (Jul 3, 2001 9:06:35 PM)
there was about 5 people here about 10 minutes ago.

Carol (ID=6) (Jul 3, 2001 9:06:37 PM)
Wonder where everyone is?

Carol (ID=6) (Jul 3, 2001 9:06:44 PM)
NO kidding, I missed it!

sami (ID=7) (Jul 3, 2001 9:06:52 PM)
I guess they all went to bed:) or Fraisier is on.

sami (ID=7) (Jul 3, 2001 9:06:56 PM)

Carol (ID=6) (Jul 3, 2001 9:07:00 PM)

sami (ID=7) (Jul 3, 2001 9:07:09 PM)
that's my thought too.

sami (ID=7) (Jul 3, 2001 9:07:20 PM)
Where are you from?

Carol (ID=6) (Jul 3, 2001 9:07:21 PM)
I was busy talking to friends when one mentioned it's only Tuesday, I nearly died.

sami (ID=7) (Jul 3, 2001 9:07:26 PM)
I am out here in VA.

Carol (ID=6) (Jul 3, 2001 9:07:28 PM)

Carol (ID=6) (Jul 3, 2001 9:07:36 PM)
practically neighbors!

sami (ID=7) (Jul 3, 2001 9:07:43 PM)
wow! where? I am from Holyoke.

Carol (ID=6) (Jul 3, 2001 9:07:47 PM)
celebrating the fourth

Carol (ID=6) (Jul 3, 2001 9:07:50 PM)

sami (ID=7) (Jul 3, 2001 9:08:01 PM)
At least I was born there. I moved to AZ. at a young age and grew up there.

Carol (ID=6) (Jul 3, 2001 9:08:08 PM)
Wish I did.

sami (ID=7) (Jul 3, 2001 9:08:12 PM)
My dad is from Springfield.

sami (ID=7) (Jul 3, 2001 9:08:23 PM)
haha. Mom is from Chicopee.

Carol (ID=6) (Jul 3, 2001 9:08:35 PM)
I vaguely know where these places are.

sami (ID=7) (Jul 3, 2001 9:08:37 PM)
Do you have a daughter or son with CAPD?

Carol (ID=6) (Jul 3, 2001 9:08:42 PM)
daughter, Krystina

sami (ID=7) (Jul 3, 2001 9:08:51 PM)
about 30 minutes from Hartford.

Carol (ID=6) (Jul 3, 2001 9:08:55 PM)
At least I think so, testing for it in 2 weeks

sami (ID=7) (Jul 3, 2001 9:09:05 PM)
how old? I have a son who is 9 with it.

sami (ID=7) (Jul 3, 2001 9:09:19 PM)
He has been recognized with it for 3 years.

Carol (ID=6) (Jul 3, 2001 9:09:19 PM)
She'll be 8 in August

sami (ID=7) (Jul 3, 2001 9:09:48 PM)
We got sick of the crap and pulled him out as well as his brother and homeschooled them this year.

Carol (ID=6) (Jul 3, 2001 9:09:50 PM)
The school this year treated her as if they had the diagnosis but I'm reminded that if she doesn't all of it ends

Carol (ID=6) (Jul 3, 2001 9:10:01 PM)
How did the homeschooling go?

sami (ID=7) (Jul 3, 2001 9:10:27 PM)
great! I was just telling a friend of mine that his test scores came in this week.

Carol (ID=6) (Jul 3, 2001 9:10:39 PM)
Sorry Sami, fireworks started and I'm being summoned.

sami (ID=7) (Jul 3, 2001 9:10:48 PM)
He got a perfect score in language expression and a perfect score in math.

sami (ID=7) (Jul 3, 2001 9:10:52 PM)

Carol (ID=6) (Jul 3, 2001 9:10:55 PM)
wow, that's impressive

sami (ID=7) (Jul 3, 2001 9:10:55 PM)

Carol (ID=6) (Jul 3, 2001 9:11:01 PM)
thanks, talk soon I hope