debbie (ID=15) (Jun 5, 2001 8:26:21 PM)
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Mel (ID=16) (Jun 5, 2001 8:58:31 PM)
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drewk (ID=17) (Jun 5, 2001 9:00:40 PM)
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drewk (ID=17) (Jun 5, 2001 9:01:30 PM)

drewk (ID=17) (Jun 5, 2001 9:02:52 PM)
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Mel (ID=16) (Jun 5, 2001 9:11:52 PM)
Hi there

Carol (ID=18) (Jun 5, 2001 9:15:32 PM)
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Mel (ID=16) (Jun 5, 2001 9:16:00 PM)
hi carol

Carol (ID=18) (Jun 5, 2001 9:16:06 PM)
HI Mel, only us here?

Mel (ID=16) (Jun 5, 2001 9:16:26 PM)
big meeting tomorrow, yes just us

Carol (ID=18) (Jun 5, 2001 9:17:04 PM)
Sorry I'm late, my kids had practice for a play they are in on Sunday and just got them to bed.

Carol (ID=18) (Jun 5, 2001 9:17:24 PM)
What kind of meeting, CAPD?

Mel (ID=16) (Jun 5, 2001 9:17:41 PM)
srange isn't it??you're not late, they are!!

Carol (ID=18) (Jun 5, 2001 9:18:10 PM)
Oh , you're kidding. So what's up with you?

Mel (ID=16) (Jun 5, 2001 9:19:07 PM)
Tim's IEP meeting, I got a blank copy and filled it in, they'll hate me for sure!!

Carol (ID=18) (Jun 5, 2001 9:19:33 PM)
I don't think any school likes any of us.

Mel (ID=16) (Jun 5, 2001 9:19:55 PM)
You should push for one, got a appointment w/gerri for July

Carol (ID=18) (Jun 5, 2001 9:20:21 PM)
I got to observe Krystie in school today, makes me cry. She's like in outer space sometimes but can see how she's trying.

Carol (ID=18) (Jun 5, 2001 9:20:30 PM)
I see Katie in July

Mel (ID=16) (Jun 5, 2001 9:20:38 PM)
It's a little late, but good if the team reconvenes

Carol (ID=18) (Jun 5, 2001 9:21:02 PM)
Her marks are too high on all her tests, no needs etc.

Mel (ID=16) (Jun 5, 2001 9:21:17 PM)
Tim's marks stink

Carol (ID=18) (Jun 5, 2001 9:21:46 PM)
That makes the difference. It's true they wait until the marks get poor before action is considered

Carol (ID=18) (Jun 5, 2001 9:22:17 PM)
Are you into the MCAS situation yet?

Mel (ID=16) (Jun 5, 2001 9:22:31 PM)
I'm only staying on for a while, they still claim the kid is LAZYhmmm.......I think that is discrimination

Carol (ID=18) (Jun 5, 2001 9:23:02 PM)
It's 4th grade I think. I'll really be in bad shape then. Me too, about staying on for a little while, too much to do in the house.

Mel (ID=16) (Jun 5, 2001 9:23:10 PM)
Yes, he won't get those grades until next year

Carol (ID=18) (Jun 5, 2001 9:23:32 PM)
What do we do then?

Mel (ID=16) (Jun 5, 2001 9:23:50 PM)
Add it to your ammunition

Carol (ID=18) (Jun 5, 2001 9:24:19 PM)
I feel like they are trying to weed out kids like ours by making them take the stupid test. The kindergarten kids in my school start preparing for it by learning how to shade in the paper.

Mel (ID=16) (Jun 5, 2001 9:24:33 PM)
Tim scored low on all his school district tests, going to Dr bauman in August

Carol (ID=18) (Jun 5, 2001 9:24:52 PM)
I've heard so much about him, I think from you though

Mel (ID=16) (Jun 5, 2001 9:26:27 PM)
Yes, she is very presise w/her recommendations. And it carried weight when they were keeping him in during recess in third grade d/t going out for speech and resource time, like it was his fault!!!

Mel (ID=16) (Jun 5, 2001 9:27:12 PM)
He missed so much work so they kept him in

Carol (ID=18) (Jun 5, 2001 9:27:23 PM)
That's exactly what he needed, recess. Krystie doesn't miss it anymore but isn't allowed desert with lunch when she doesn't finish

Carol (ID=18) (Jun 5, 2001 9:27:40 PM)
dessert, sorry

Mel (ID=16) (Jun 5, 2001 9:27:43 PM)
instead of work modification, they kept tim in for recess

Carol (ID=18) (Jun 5, 2001 9:27:49 PM)
here, too

Carol (ID=18) (Jun 5, 2001 9:27:59 PM)
No modification, yet, either.

Carol (ID=18) (Jun 5, 2001 9:28:20 PM)
I'm not pushing though until I have her seen by Katie and I'll let her write that as a recommendation

Mel (ID=16) (Jun 5, 2001 9:28:30 PM)
That is so not right, I would not allow it unless he was being fresh or rude to the teacher

Carol (ID=18) (Jun 5, 2001 9:29:08 PM)
I know and they even know these kids are trying. Although lazy comes up here, too

Mel (ID=16) (Jun 5, 2001 9:29:50 PM)
and dr. bauman backed that up in writing, remind them that capd is a physical handicap and it is discrimination

Carol (ID=18) (Jun 5, 2001 9:30:05 PM)
That's great, he saw Tim already?

Mel (ID=16) (Jun 5, 2001 9:30:33 PM)
Dr Margaret Bauman has not seen tim since 5th grade!!

Carol (ID=18) (Jun 5, 2001 9:31:07 PM)
Is it a physical handicap? Debbie once mentioned, I think, that it isn't unless it causes problems? Not sure, meant she, sorry

Mel (ID=16) (Jun 5, 2001 9:31:44 PM)
Every time they call her lazy, say there might be some truth in it but please stop minimizing her problem

Carol (ID=18) (Jun 5, 2001 9:32:07 PM)
Does the school insist he be retested every so often or do they take the recommendations from year to year?

Carol (ID=18) (Jun 5, 2001 9:32:29 PM)
I flat out fight the lazy, she's anything but lazy and I put that on the table in no uncertain terms

Mel (ID=16) (Jun 5, 2001 9:33:04 PM)
No, I read it on LD on line, under LD in depth, living w/capd, get it in writing from her neurologist

Carol (ID=18) (Jun 5, 2001 9:33:32 PM)
I was telling you my kids are in a play. The woman is great with Krystie and has her so in tune, wish she was her teacher in school

Carol (ID=18) (Jun 5, 2001 9:33:51 PM)
I have to read that again, it's been too long and I've forgotten too much

Mel (ID=16) (Jun 5, 2001 9:34:41 PM)
Carol, is this some important night, no one else is here!! I'm going to bed to be rested for tommorrow

Carol (ID=18) (Jun 5, 2001 9:34:56 PM)
Don't blame you a bit, best of luck

Carol (ID=18) (Jun 5, 2001 9:35:07 PM)
good night

Mel (ID=16) (Jun 5, 2001 9:35:53 PM)
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Carol (ID=18) (Jun 5, 2001 9:36:22 PM)
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Carol (ID=19) (Jun 5, 2001 9:38:48 PM)
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Carol (ID=19) (Jun 5, 2001 9:39:08 PM)
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jb (ID=20) (Jun 5, 2001 9:41:07 PM)
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jb (ID=20) (Jun 5, 2001 9:43:16 PM)
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Diane (ID=21) (Jun 5, 2001 9:45:03 PM)
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jb (ID=22) (Jun 5, 2001 9:45:07 PM)
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Diane (ID=21) (Jun 5, 2001 9:45:38 PM)
Hi jb are we the only ones here?

jb (ID=22) (Jun 5, 2001 9:46:06 PM)
I guess so. I logged on, i thought maybe it wasn't Tuesday.

Diane (ID=21) (Jun 5, 2001 9:46:11 PM)
I'm really late we had Cub scout awards banquet

jb (ID=22) (Jun 5, 2001 9:46:33 PM)
Yeah, we had a litle league game.

Diane (ID=21) (Jun 5, 2001 9:46:35 PM)
maybe the chat was cancelled :)

jb (ID=22) (Jun 5, 2001 9:46:51 PM)
This is strange.

Diane (ID=21) (Jun 5, 2001 9:47:02 PM)
come to think of it i don't remember getting a reminder today

jb (ID=22) (Jun 5, 2001 9:47:25 PM)
I have never gotten one. I did get one yesterday about dr.j

Diane (ID=21) (Jun 5, 2001 9:47:47 PM)
Thats right there was one yesterday for both chats

jb (ID=22) (Jun 5, 2001 9:48:17 PM)
I was on with dr.j this am.

Diane (ID=21) (Jun 5, 2001 9:48:41 PM)
I was sleeping .....*G*

Diane (ID=21) (Jun 5, 2001 9:49:00 PM)
it's at 7:30 our time

jb (ID=22) (Jun 5, 2001 9:49:15 PM)
I am still confused about when they should diagnose APD, my daughter is 5. What exactley is SLEEP anyway?

jb (ID=22) (Jun 5, 2001 9:49:40 PM)
oh, 7:30 your time. yikes.

Diane (ID=21) (Jun 5, 2001 9:50:00 PM)
LOl today was the first time I have slept in for ages hubby is home on vacation

jb (ID=22) (Jun 5, 2001 9:50:18 PM)

Diane (ID=21) (Jun 5, 2001 9:50:22 PM)
so he was nice and didn't wake me

Diane (ID=21) (Jun 5, 2001 9:50:45 PM)
but my whole day has been off lol

Diane (ID=21) (Jun 5, 2001 9:51:04 PM)
jb your daughter is 5 ?

Diane (ID=21) (Jun 5, 2001 9:51:20 PM)
and not officially dx'd right

jb (ID=22) (Jun 5, 2001 9:51:24 PM)
That is what happens. I find it especially when my husband is home. Yes she is 5.

jb (ID=22) (Jun 5, 2001 9:51:33 PM)
that is correct.

Diane (ID=21) (Jun 5, 2001 9:51:56 PM)
yes having him home is very disruptive to my routine

Diane (ID=21) (Jun 5, 2001 9:52:43 PM)
I'm not sure about how early she can be dx'd Jake was 7 and is still not officially dx'd

Diane (ID=21) (Jun 5, 2001 9:53:23 PM)
SLP and teacher and Dr agree but not seen an audioligist yet

jb (ID=22) (Jun 5, 2001 9:53:25 PM)
my feeling is that it is believed that she has APD and that they will classify her. I don't know what they would do differently if we had a definate dx anyway. Why is Jake still not officially dx'd?

Diane (ID=21) (Jun 5, 2001 9:54:00 PM)
Finding an audiologist to do it with out a bias to a certain program

jb (ID=22) (Jun 5, 2001 9:54:10 PM)
is he in 1st grade?

Diane (ID=21) (Jun 5, 2001 9:54:12 PM)
has been a nightmare

jb (ID=22) (Jun 5, 2001 9:54:27 PM)
What do you mean without bias?

Diane (ID=21) (Jun 5, 2001 9:54:27 PM)
he is going into 4th he is now 9.6

jb (ID=22) (Jun 5, 2001 9:54:45 PM) is he doing in school?

Diane (ID=21) (Jun 5, 2001 9:55:18 PM)
all that i have spoken to have a program FFW or LindamoodBell etc that they are pushing

Diane (ID=21) (Jun 5, 2001 9:55:39 PM)
he is doing really great he is also dyslexic

Diane (ID=21) (Jun 5, 2001 9:56:13 PM)
he is going to be tested in July at the University

jb (ID=22) (Jun 5, 2001 9:56:24 PM)
When did you first notice a problem?

Diane (ID=21) (Jun 5, 2001 9:56:37 PM)
but he has to really struggle to make it

jb (ID=22) (Jun 5, 2001 9:56:49 PM)
He gets help?

Diane (ID=21) (Jun 5, 2001 9:56:53 PM)
I noticed a problem in 1st grade

Diane (ID=21) (Jun 5, 2001 9:57:35 PM)
actually before that but didn't have a clue to what was going on when he was younger

jb (ID=22) (Jun 5, 2001 9:57:59 PM)
What did you see? From what I have read, it seems my daughtere has alot of the preschool warning signs for dyslexia. What did you see when he was younger?

Diane (ID=21) (Jun 5, 2001 9:58:26 PM)
Yes he gets resource room help 1hour aday for reading and language arts

jb (ID=22) (Jun 5, 2001 9:58:41 PM)
I believe that APD has a close connection with dylexia.

jb (ID=22) (Jun 5, 2001 9:58:52 PM)
dyslexia that was

Diane (ID=21) (Jun 5, 2001 9:59:09 PM)
not getting rhyming and trouble with word recall, not getting phonics at all

jb (ID=22) (Jun 5, 2001 9:59:28 PM)
that is exactly my daughter.

Diane (ID=21) (Jun 5, 2001 9:59:31 PM)
jb it is my opinion they go hand in hand for some kids

jb (ID=22) (Jun 5, 2001 9:59:46 PM)
her biggest problem is word retrieval.

Diane (ID=21) (Jun 5, 2001 10:00:15 PM)
I went to a Intl dyslexia conference this spring and that was the concensus of alot of people there

jb (ID=22) (Jun 5, 2001 10:01:10 PM)
I can understand how they would. Phoneme awareness is proven to be the biggest indicator of later learning problems when difficulty ios found with a preschooler. APD is the processing of sounds. Makes sense to me.

Diane (ID=21) (Jun 5, 2001 10:01:39 PM)
Dyslexia is alot more than letter and word reversal

jb (ID=22) (Jun 5, 2001 10:01:54 PM)
My daughter had the CTOPS test and scored less than 1% in two of the three areas.

Diane (ID=21) (Jun 5, 2001 10:01:59 PM)
most people don't know that

jb (ID=22) (Jun 5, 2001 10:02:22 PM)
I know. I read that letter reversal is not really a sign of dyslexia.

Diane (ID=21) (Jun 5, 2001 10:02:33 PM)
It is language based problem

jb (ID=22) (Jun 5, 2001 10:02:36 PM)
that was CTOPPS

Diane (ID=21) (Jun 5, 2001 10:03:01 PM)
no most letter reversals in young children are developmental

Diane (ID=21) (Jun 5, 2001 10:03:14 PM)
and they out grow it

Diane (ID=21) (Jun 5, 2001 10:03:48 PM)
it's the phonemic awareness that causes all the problems

jb (ID=22) (Jun 5, 2001 10:04:04 PM)
I read a very good article by Sally Shaywitz from Yale on dyslexia and phoneme awareness. it was the first thing I read that really tied what I saw in my daughter all together.

jb (ID=22) (Jun 5, 2001 10:04:25 PM)

Diane (ID=21) (Jun 5, 2001 10:04:36 PM)
it's amazing to read something and BAM you say thats my child

jb (ID=22) (Jun 5, 2001 10:05:01 PM)
Yup, and that it is presented in a way that makes sense, so I can understand it.

Diane (ID=21) (Jun 5, 2001 10:05:15 PM)
Did you read it online ?

jb (ID=22) (Jun 5, 2001 10:05:49 PM)
Yes. I still have it. Another very good article is the National Reading Council's report.

jb (ID=22) (Jun 5, 2001 10:06:07 PM)
It is called teaching children to read.

Diane (ID=21) (Jun 5, 2001 10:06:13 PM)
could you give me the link

Diane (ID=21) (Jun 5, 2001 10:06:40 PM)
I will send you my e-mail addy in a private message if you would

jb (ID=22) (Jun 5, 2001 10:07:42 PM)
I have it here if you want it now.

Diane (ID=21) (Jun 5, 2001 10:07:51 PM)
sure thanks

jb (ID=22) (Jun 5, 2001 10:08:48 PM)
It is called Dyslexia.

jb (ID=22) (Jun 5, 2001 10:09:05 PM)
From the Scientific American Magazine.

Diane (ID=21) (Jun 5, 2001 10:09:55 PM)
thanks I got it

jb (ID=22) (Jun 5, 2001 10:10:26 PM)
Report of the National Reading Panel:Teaching Children to Read.....www.ldonline.org_indepth/reading/teaching_children_to_ead.html

jb (ID=22) (Jun 5, 2001 10:10:52 PM)
That in from teh LD online website.

Diane (ID=21) (Jun 5, 2001 10:11:27 PM)

Diane (ID=21) (Jun 5, 2001 10:12:10 PM)
I am always looking for new info and insight

jb (ID=22) (Jun 5, 2001 10:12:10 PM)
I have to say, of everything I have read, those two article helped me the most.

Diane (ID=21) (Jun 5, 2001 10:12:31 PM)
I'll check them out tonight

jb (ID=22) (Jun 5, 2001 10:13:07 PM)
I also have to say goodnight, I have to call my sister back before is gets too late, Read those articles and let me know what you think. I will give you my email address.

jb (ID=22) (Jun 5, 2001 10:13:31 PM)

Diane (ID=21) (Jun 5, 2001 10:13:35 PM)
great jb mine is Mom92491@aol

Diane (ID=21) (Jun 5, 2001 10:14:39 PM)
I'll get with you this week and let you know what I think

jb (ID=22) (Jun 5, 2001 10:14:47 PM)
Thanks, got it. Any info you find helpful in your reading, let me know. I, like you, am always looking for information.

Diane (ID=21) (Jun 5, 2001 10:14:49 PM)
thanks again

Diane (ID=21) (Jun 5, 2001 10:15:03 PM)
sure will jb night